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    Ruud Straatman - 'Stroos, Ruud Stripman, Hendrik Martens, Ben Versto'
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Ruud Straatman studied at the Art Academies in Breda, Eindhoven and Antwerpen. He started his career in comics in the 1970s, when he created 'Toer Turner' for Veronica Gids. Straatman has worked as a scriptwriter for many comic magazines, such as Donald Duck, Eppo, Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad, Tina, Bobo, the Swedish MAD and the Spanish magazine 1984.

He has provided scripts for comics like 'Henk Hond' (art by Evert Geradts, 1989-91), 'Johnny Goodbye' (with Martin Lodewijk, art by Dino Attanasio, 1990-92), 'Vidocq' (art by H.G. Kresse) and 'De Familie Fortuin' (art by Peter de Wit, 1985-90). Also, he has written stories with 'Tom Poes' and 'Panda' for the Toonder Studios in the 1980s and 'Fantomen' stories for the Swedish Phantom magazine. Comics he drew himself are 'Simon Spitsmuis' (as Hendrik Martens, 1987) and 'Polderkolder' (as Strooss, 1986-88) in Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad, 'Pien en Peer' in Tina (1983-92) and 'Sir Harold Sillybum, the famous sexplorer' in the Swedish MAD (1988-89).

Ruud Straatman is hard to pin down: in eleven years he moved 86 times, living in the USA, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. After a ten year absense from the comic book field, he has resumed working in comics under the pseudonym Ben Verstoten on 'Royaal Modaal', a comic about the Dutch Royal family, in 2003. 'Royaal Modaal' has been published on the internet, in albums and in newspapers. Straatman also renewed his collaboration with Donald Duck, and has provided stories with nearly every Disney character.

Date of Birth: 16/06/1948
Birthplace: Bussum


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