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    Frank Tieri
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Frank Tieri is a comic book writer. He has written New Excalibur, Wolverine (and it's spin-off, a short-lived Weapon X ongoing series), Underworld, a post Avengers Disassembled Hercules mini-series, Wolverine/Darkness, Dracula versus Apocalypse, Civil war: War crimes, as well as World War Hulk: Gamma Corps for Marvel Comics.

For DC, he has written a JSA Classified story, as well as Countdown tie-ins Lord Havok and the Extremists and Gotham underground.

His style is gritty, yet usually laden with pop-culture references and black humor.

Date of Birth: 12/01/1970
Birthplace: Brooklyn


Favorite Creators:
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The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
Arkham Manor: Endgame (2015)
Astonishing Tales (2009)
Avengers / X-Men: Maximum Security (2010)
AXIS: Revolutions (2014)
Batman (2011)
Batman [GER] (2007)
Batman and the Outsiders (2007)
Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! (2010)
Cable And X-Force (2013)
Captain America (1968)
Civil War: Casualties of War (2007)
Civil War: War Crimes (2007)
Colección Extra SuperHéroes (2011)
Convergence Justice League (2015)
Convergence Suicide Squad (2015)
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists (2007)
Dark Reign: Lethal Legion (2009)
Dark Reign: Made Men (2009)
Dark Reign: Made Men (Webcomics) (2009)
Darkness Compendium (2006)
The Darkness vs. Wolverine (2007)
The Darkness (1996)
The Darkness (2002)
The Darkness: Wanted Dead (2003)
The Darkness/Wolverine (2006)
DC Comics: The New 52 Villains Omnibus (2013)
Dead Rising 3 (2013)
Deadpool (1997)
Deadpool (2013)
Deadpool Classic (2008)
Deadpool Corps (2010)
Deadpool Team-Up (2010)
Detective Comics (2011)
Fear Itself: Spider-Man (2011)
Fear Itself: The Worthy (2011)
Gotham Underground (2007)
Green Arrow (2011)
Grifter (2011)
Hercules (2005)
Infinity Companion (2014)
Infinity: Heist (2013)
Infinity: Heist/The Hunt (2014)
The Invincible Iron Man DVD-ROM (2007)
Iron Man (1998)
Iron Man (2001)
Iron Man: ¡Yo soy Iron Man! Monster Edition (México) (2010)
Iron Man/Hulk/Fury (2009)
JSA: Classified (2005)
Marvel Deluxe - Civil War (2010)
Marvel Monster Edition (2003)
Marvel Noir: Spider-Man/Punisher (2013)
Marvel Romance Redux: Another Kind of Love (2007)
Marvel Romance Redux: Guys & Dolls (2006)
Marvel TV: Galactus - The Real Story (2009)
Marvel Universe Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2012)
Marvel Universe Live! Prelude (2014)
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)
New Excalibur (2006)
Original Sins (2014)
Punisher Noir (2009)
Red Sonja: The Black Tower (2014)
The Savage Hawkman (2011)
Savage Wolverine (2013)
Space: Punisher (2012)
Spider-Man: Big Time (2010)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Thunderbolts [GER] (2007)
Underworld (2006)
Vampirella Comics Magazine (2003)
Weapon X (2002)
Weapon X: Days of Future Now (2005)
Weapon X: The Draft - Agent Zero (2002)
Web of Spider-Man (2009)
What If? Spider-Man: House of M (2010)
Wolverine (1988)
Wolverine and the X-Men (2014)
Wolverine vs. Thor (2009)
Wolverine: Mr. X (2010)
Wolverine: Wendigo! (2010)
Wolverine/Deadpool: Weapon X (2002)
Wolverine/Hercules - Myths, Monsters & Mutants (2011)
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps (2007)
X-Men (2001)
X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula (2006)
X-Men: Manifest Destiny (2008)

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Searching: Frank Tieri
Grifter vol. 2 New Found Power tpb, Rob Liefeld, Frank Tieri, Scott Clark Grifter vol. 2 New Found Power tpb, Rob Liefeld, Frank Tieri, Scott Clark $0.99
The Draft Vol. 1 by Frank Tieri (2003, Paperback)The Draft Vol. 1 by Frank Tieri (2003, Paperback)$3.00
Countdown Presents Lord Havok & the Extremists GN Frank Tieri Liam Sharp New VFCountdown Presents Lord Havok & the Extremists GN Frank Tieri Liam Sharp New VF$17.99
Wolverine: Law of the Jungle (Astonishing X-Men), Frank Tieri, Good BookWolverine: Law of the Jungle (Astonishing X-Men), Frank Tieri, Good Book$6.37

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