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    Darren G. Davis
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Darren Davis was making his way in the world by marketing the entertainment industry at such companies as E! Entertainment Television and USA Networks, when he left to pursue his creative dreams in publishing. He took on a position at Wildstorm Studios, which shortly after joined with comic book conglomerate, DC Comics. After his tenure in corporate America, Darren joined on as President of Joe Madureira's Beyond Entertainment, which publishes such titles as Battle Chasers.

Following several years with Wildstorm, Darren took the next step towards creative freedom and formed his own publishing company where he created such popular titles as 10th Muse (the sixth highest selling comic in November 2000), Legend of Isis, Orion the Hunter, Judo Girl, The Blackbeard Legacy, and Victoria's Secret Service. Isis and VSS have both been optioned for movies.

He has also created a line of superhero children's books based on his character ATLAS called ABC's for Superheroes, 123's for Superheroes and Superheroes Guide to the Planets. The book series just won the best book of the year from Creative Child Magazine. He is currently living in Bellingham Washington.

After 7 years in comics, he has finally launched a self publishing company called BLUEWATER PRODUCTIONS, which launched it's 1st title in May 2007.

Date of Birth:
Birthplace: East Meadow, Long Island, New York


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10th Muse (2002)
10th Muse (2005)
10th Muse: Revenge of Medusa (2011)
10th Muse: The Lost Issues (2010)
10th Muse/Koni Waves (2008)
ABC's for Superheroes (2005)
Atlas (2002)
The Blackbeard Legacy (2006)
Bluewater Productions Presents (2008)
Chrono Mechanics (2006)
Dorian Gray (2012)
Giant-Sized 10th Muse (2007)
HOPE: New Orleans (2007)
Image Introduces…Legend of Isis (2002)
The Imaginaries (2008)
Insane Jane: The Avenging Star (2010)
Judo Girl (2006)
Legend of Isis (2005)
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West (2011)
Missile to the Moon (2009)
Morphs (1987)
The Odyssey (2002)
Orion (2006)
Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again! (2009)
Power of the Valkyrie (2006)
Ray Harryhausen Presents (2007)
The Supreme Code of 123's for Superheroes (2005)
The Supreme Code of Superheroes Guide to the Planets (2005)
Tenth Muse: The Odyssey (2005)
Victoria's Secret Service (2005)
Vincent Price Presents (2008)
VSS: Nemesis Rising (2007)
Wrath of the Titans (2007)
Wrath of the Titans (2011)




10th Muse (2000)
10th Muse (2002)
20 Million Miles More (2007)
Back To Mysterious Island (2008)
Bartholomew of the Scissors (2008)
Black Tide (2001)
Dollz (2001)
FAME: David Bowie (2014)
Female Force: Hillary Clinton (2009)
Female Force: Madonna (2011)
Female Force: Sarah Palin (2009)
Flying Saucers vs. The Earth (2008)
Giant-Sized 10th Muse (2007)
Infamous Charlie Sheen (2011)
Insane Jane (2008)
Insane Jane: The Avenging Star (2010)
It Came From Beneath The Sea . . . Again! (2007)
Judo Girl (2005)
Judo Girl (2007)
Man o' War (2012)
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West (2011)
Ninth Order (2008)
Orbit: John Lennon (2012)
Orion (2006)
Power of the Valkyrie (2006)
Puppy Power (2009)
Ray Harryhausen Presents (2007)
Ret Romanne (2008)
Tom Corbett: Space Cadet (2009)
Victoria's Secret Service: Russian Roulette (2017)
Vincent Price : His Life Story (2011)
Vincent Price Presents (2008)
Vincent Price: House of Horrors (2012)

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