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    Elliot S! Maggin
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Elliot S. Maggin has written stories about his heroes - both real and made-up ones - since he was very young. He started publishing them at sixteen, when a boys' magazine accepted his time travel story about Winston Churchill and the Boer War. He has written at least five hundred comic book stories, including serving, on and off, as a principal writer of Superman comics from 1971 until 1986. He has written television, film, animation, journalism, speeches and technical manuals, and designed software games. Kingdom Come is his fifth novel.

Mr. Maggin has also raised horses, run for public office, taught at various high schools and colleges and spent several winters skiing to excess. If he had not become a writer and still managed to escape law school, he would probably have been a cowboy. He is the father of two and the husband of one. Like many of the characters whose company he enjoys best, he has grave primal doubts and knows very little for certain, but he essentially believes in everything. Even you.

This entry uses material from the liner notes of the novel adaptation of Kingdom Come

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"In all my years as a comic book editor, I have never come across a 'first time' script that came within a light-year of equaling Elliot S! Maggin's 'first time' comic book script. Indeed, to equalize this thrilling experience, I must go back to the early 1940s when, as a literary agent, I sold the very first story of a young Ray Bradbury." --Julius Schwartz

Maggin is almost universally credited with an exclamation point at the end of his middle initial, and, indeed, it is the way he currently prefers to be known on his personal website.

"I got into the habit of putting exclamation marks at the end of sentences instead of periods because reproduction on pulp paper was so lousy. So once, by accident, when I signed a script I put the exclamation point after my 'S' because I was just used to going to that end of the typewriter at the time. And Julie saw it, and before he told me, he goes into the production room and issues a general order that any mention of Elliot Maggin's name will be punctuated with an exclamation mark rather than a period from now on until eternity." (

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1984 (1978)
Action Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (1938)
Adventures of Superman: José Luis García-López (2013)
Amazing World of DC Comics (1974)
Archie's Super Teens (1994)
The Art of Walter Simonson (1989)
Atom (1979)
Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2010)
Batman (1940)
The Batman Family (1975)
Batman In The Seventies (2000)
Batman Superband (1974)
Batman-klassikot (1989)
Batman-Sonderheft (1976)
Batman: Scarecrow Tales (2005)
Batman: The Blue, The Grey, and the Bat (1992)
The Best of DC (1979)
Blackhawk (1989)
Book and Record Set (12" LP) (1975)
Crisis on Multiple Earths (2002)
DC Challenge (1985)
DC Comics Presents (1978)
DC Comics Presents: Mystery in Space (2004)
DC Goes Ape (2008)
DC Graphic Novel (1983)
DC Retroactive: JLA - The '70s (2011)
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest (1980)
DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams (2009)
Detective Comics (1937)
Detective Comics Classics (2011)
Essential Hulk (2002)
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (2005)
Generation X (1994)
Generation X (1997)
Green Lantern (1960)
Green Lantern Corps Quarterly (1992)
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Vol. 2 (2007)
Heroes Against Hunger (1986)
Hybrids: The Origin (1993)
The Incredible Hulk (1968)
JLA 80-Page Giant (1998)
The Joker (1975)
Justice League of America (1960)
Justice League of America (1977)
Justice League Quarterly (1990)
Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth (1972)
Klassiker der Comic-Literatur (2005)
Limited Collectors' Edition (1973)
Marvel Classics Comics Series Featuring... (1976)
Megalith (1989)
Mighty Comic (1957)
MV Comix (1968)
Plastic Man (1976)
The Revengers featuring Megalith (1985)
Revengers Special (1992)
Samuree (1987)
Secret Origins (1986)
The Shadow Strikes! (1989)
Shazam! (1973)
Showcase '93 (1993)
Showcase Presents: Justice League of America (2005)
Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster featuring The Atomic Knights (2014)
The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976)
Spidey Super Stories (1974)
Starfire (1976)
Strange Sports Stories (1973)
Superman (1939)
Superman (1982)
Superman & Batman Annual (1974)
The Superman Family (1974)
Superman Superband (1973)
Superman Taschenbuch (1976)
Superman Vs. Lex Luthor (2006)
Superman-Batman (1966)
Superman-Sonderausgabe (1976)
Superman: Cover to Cover (2006)
Superman: Last Son of Krypton (1978)
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2004)
Superman: World Of Krypton (2008)
Tarzan Family (1975)
Time Warp (1979)
Total Recall (1990)
The Unexpected (1968)
Walter Simonson Manhunter and other Stories Artist's Edition (2014)
Welcome Back, Kotter (1976)
Wonder Comic Monthly (1965)
Wonder Woman (1942)
Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2007)
World's Finest Comics (1941)
World's Finest Comics Monthly (1965)
X-Men Adventures (1994)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988)
Avatar (1991)
Challengers of the Unknown (1991)
Dragonlance (1988)
The Dragonlance Saga (1987)
Dungeons & Dragons Classic (2011)
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms 100-Page Spectacular (2012)
Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics (2011)
Forgotten Realms (1989)
Gammarauders (1989)
Spelljammer (1990)
TSR Worlds (1990)

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superman last son of krypton elliot s maggin 1978 rare paperback novelsuperman last son of krypton elliot s maggin 1978 rare paperback novel$3.00
Generation X by Scott Lobdell and Elliot S. Maggin (1997, Paperback)Generation X by Scott Lobdell and Elliot S. Maggin (1997, Paperback)$0.99
Kingdom Come Maggin, Elliot S., Waid, Mark, Ross, AlexKingdom Come Maggin, Elliot S., Waid, Mark, Ross, Alex$13.95
(2 Books) SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF KRYPTON  by Elliot S. Maggin + V by A.C. Crispin(2 Books) SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF KRYPTON by Elliot S. Maggin + V by A.C. Crispin$2.99
Superman:  Miracle Monday Maggin, Elliot S. PaperbackSuperman: Miracle Monday Maggin, Elliot S. Paperback$40.00

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