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    Gary Peterson
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Also Credited As:
Milvain, Jasper

Gary Peterson grew up in West Babylon, NY, reading piles of comic books and watching way too much television. An aspiring artist, Gary recognized his limitations and developed his love for lettering, landing his first paying job in 1991. In May of 1992 Gary joined the in-house creative team of Personality Comics. Soon after graduating from SUNY Stony Brook in 1993 (B.A., English), Gary trekked west to Omaha, Nebraska. There he secured steady work proofreading for a large law firm while still lettering late into the night, listening to way too much Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.

Teetering on the brink of eccentric bachelorhood, Gary married in 1996 and thus far he and his wife Cindy have been blessed with three children. Around the turn of the 21st century, the computer simultaneously torpedoed both proofreading and the hand-lettered comic book. In addition to the odd lettering assignment, Gary has earned his way by serving as a chaplain in a homeless shelter, as pastor to a small church, and as a freelance writer and editor. While rested, ready and eagerly awaiting his next lettering gig, Gary currently enjoys serving the Lord and his students as Assistant Professor of the Humanities at Grace University.

Date of Birth: January 11, 1967


Gary Peterson has hand-lettered comic books since 1991 and is available to letter your pencilled pages for very reasonable rates. Gary letters the old-fashioned, Artie Simek way, using Higgins' Black Magic ink and Speedball pen nibs. In his two decades of toiling on the fringes of the industry he loves, Gary has lettered pages for Brainstorm, Dark Horse, Double-Edge, Gauntlet, Image, Mojo and Oni, among others.

Gary's most recent lettering appeared in Louis Simpson's Puppy Love No. 1, published in 2010 by Thin Line Comics. Please be encouraged to drop an e-mail!

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Action Planet Comics (1995)
American Heroes (1992)
Baseball Comics (1992)
Best Pitchers (1992)
Big Berd vs. Arnold Schwarzenheimer (1992)
The Big Bigfoot Book (1996)
Bloodskirt (1993)
Book of Spells (1994)
Chemical Factor (1993)
The Choke (1993)
The Chromium Man (1993)
The Chromium Man: Violent Past (1993)
The Coffin (2000)
The Coffin (2010)
Death of Superbabe (1993)
Death Shrike (1993)
Demons of the Mist (1994)
Drifter (1993)
Dupres (1994)
Flesh & Blood (1995)
Flesh & Blood: Pre-Existing Conditions (1996)
Football Heroes (1992)
He Said/She Said Comics Presents (1993)
Healthman: The AIDS Crisis (1992)
Holy Terror (2002)
Intrazone (1993)
Kilroy Is Here (1995)
Kilroy Is Here (2006)
Kirk Lindo's Luxura Collection (1995)
Kisses (1992)
Medal of Honor (1994)
Music Comics On Tour (1992)
The Nameless (1997)
The Nameless: The Director's Cut (2006)
Negative Burn (1993)
Occurences: The Illustrated Ambrose Bierce (1997)
Oni Press Color Special 2001 (2001)
The Ordinary Guy (1994)
Oversight: Collected Short Stories 1990-2005 (2006)
Paper Museum (2002)
Paradigm (1993)
Personality Classics (1992)
Personality Comics Presents (1991)
Pink Floyd (1992)
The Punish-Her Score Journal (1993)
Riot Gear (1993)
Rock Classics (1992)
The Rolling Stones (1992)
The S.O.F.T. Corps (1993)
Scavengers (1993)
Sheila Trent: Vampire Hunter (1995)
Shocktrauma Comics (1996)
Shotgun: The Hero Hunter (1993)
Skynn & Bones (1995)
Spider-Femme 2088 (1993)
Spider-Femme vs. Denim (1993)
Spirit of the Dragon (1993)
Spoof Comics (1992)
Spoon vs. Batbabe (1993)
Sports Classics (1991)
Sports Personalities (1992)
Superbabe Returns (1993)
Sweet Lucy (1993)
Sweet Lucy: Blonde Steele (1994)
Tales From Necropolis (1994)
Time Gates (1991)
Triumphant Unleashed (1993)
Tylor (1992)
U.N. Force (1993)
Vamperotica (1993)
Vamperotica Commemorative Edition (1995)
Vamperotica Illustrated (2000)
Vampire Bites (1995)
Vicious (1994)
Weird Business (1995)
Wild West Show (1996)
The Wretch (1996)
The Wretch (1997)
The Wretch (2003)
X-Babes 2088 (1993)


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