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    Josh Finney
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Josh Finney — Co-creator, Titanium Rain

After nine months of swimming in amniotic fluid, Josh began his existence as a male homo sapien. At the tender age of four, he was accepted into the Thoth-Hawatt Academy, where he spent the next fifteen years training to become a mentat in the service of the Ixian Dynasty. Despite excelling at “what-if” computations, three-dimensional logic, and scoring the highest extrapolation quotient in Thoth-Hawatt’s history, Josh was forced to leave the Academy in 1995 when the resident psychist deemed him “twisted” and therefore unfit for the sensitive nature of mentat work.

Since that time, Josh has dedicated himself to the arts. He’s worked for a number of record labels, doing everything from talent scouting to show organizing to graphic design. He’s written for various music journals, such as INDUSTRIAL NATION, B-SIDE MAGAZINE, and PERMISSION. As a freelance artist, Josh has created countless album covers for bands within the techno/industrial scene—such as NEW MIND, BIO-TEK, PSYCHE, and the infamous DYSTOPIAN VISIONS compilation. As well, his art has graced tour posters for bands such as COVENANT, RAMMSTEIN, and AMON TOBIN.

In the field of gaming, Josh’s art and concept designs have appeared in numerous products from Rebel Games and Spartan Publishing—work which eventually caught the eye of Star Trek screen writer, Jimmy Diggs. Diggs, whose scripts have graced everything from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” to “Enterprise,” sought Josh to help conceive an alien spacecraft which was slated to appear in the ill-fated fifth season of Enterprise.

Despite the various industries Josh has worked in, his true passion is comics. Since 2000, Josh has devoted himself to his craft as a writer and artist working within the medium of sequential art. His first success came with the acclaimed cyberpunk series, UTOPIATES, which was conceived with his wife / partner in crime, Kat Rocha. As well, Kat and Josh’s work appeared in the 2007 AWESOME ANTHOLOGY, dubbed in the press as, “a virtual whose-who of the best of up-and-coming indie talent.”

Josh looks forward to continuing his career in comics, telling gripping stories and striving to redefine the medium. With brain transplants and robot bodies a distinct possibility in the near future, Josh hopes to be at this comics stuff for quite a long time.

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Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology (2007)
Casefile: Arkham (2016)
Titanium Rain (2008)
Utopiates (2007)
Utopiates (2012)
World War Kaiju (2014)

Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology (2007)
Batman Sonderband (2004)
The God Machine (2009)
Moon Lake (2010)
Titanium Rain (2008)
Utopiates (2007)
Utopiates (2012)

Batman Sonderband (2004)
Titanium Rain (2008)
Utopiates (2007)


Casefile: Arkham (2016)
Utopiates (2007)
World War Kaiju (2014)

Cover Artist:
Titanium Rain (2008)
Utopiates (2007)

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