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Jim Woodring

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2014-08-13 08:03:30 mikebo Suffix none
2014-08-13 08:03:30 mikebo Website
2009-11-06 10:06:18 uurandy Suffix none
2009-11-06 10:06:18 uurandy Website
2006-11-29 07:49:11 Fnord Serious Suffix none
2006-11-29 07:49:11 Fnord Serious DOB 1952
2006-11-29 07:49:11 Fnord Serious Birthplace Los Angeles
2006-11-29 07:49:11 Fnord Serious Website
2006-11-29 07:49:11 Fnord Serious Bio Jim Woodring describes his early years as "a childhood made interesting by frequent hallucinations, apparitions, disembodied voices and other psychological malfunctions". Fresh out of high school and working as a garbage man, he begin to chronicle his strage vision in comics form. As his talent grew, he became a full-time freelance cartoonist, working mainly in advertising and PR with whatever other creative work would pay. He eventually broke into animation, working "on some of te worst cartons this degraded planet has ever seen", as he puts it. In 1980 he self-published Jim #1, described as an "illustrated autojournal" containing comics, stories and drawings inspired by his vivid childhood experiences. The Jim comic was subsequently published by Fantagraphics Books, doing well enough to enable Woodring to abandon his ill-fated animation career. Jim #4 saw the debut of his most widely recognized creation, the creature known as Frank, who later received his own title. As his comics work gained notoriety, his work was published in such venues as the Kenyon Review, World Art Magazine, and Francis Coppola's Zoetrope. Characters from his Frank comics have been made into vinyl figures and the subject of a series of animated shorts. While mostly retired from sequential art, he continues to draw and do illustration work.

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