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Chip Wallace - 'Chip / Charles Wallace / Crusher Wallace'

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2016-07-01 00:20:06 LCISTech Suffix none
2016-07-01 00:20:06 LCISTech Nickname Chip, Charles Wallace, Crusher Wallace Chip / Charles Wallace / Crusher Wallace
2011-07-03 21:38:49 cwallace Suffix none
2011-07-03 21:38:49 cwallace Bio Always with crayon in hand Charles was the proverbial artist as a small child. In grammer school he began to develop an interest in comics, which further fueled his creativity and ability to draw. In high school he began developing his illustration and technical drafting skills in an effort to hone his skills to a more professional level. After graduating from Mt. Vernon High school in 1991 Chip set his sites on attending the School of Visual Arts in New york City, which offered classes taught by some of the comic industry greats such as Will Eisner and Walter Simonson. In 1993, his third year of attendance at SVA, Art samples shown to editor David Wohl earned him steady work at Marvel comics. In the years that paseed he would find himself lending his artistic talents at DC comics as well as several other large publishers, some of his career highlights include: GI JOE, THE PUNISHER, THE RAY ANNUAL #1, ARGUS BLACK LIGHTNING, JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA, GREEN LANTERN, IMPULSE, DC SHOWCASE, FLASH GREEN LANTERN-FASTER FRIENDS GRAPHIC NOVEL PART II, MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER TUROK, X-WING ROGUE SQUADRON,and many more.
2011-07-03 21:37:53 cwallace Suffix none
2011-06-08 14:28:47 mikebo Suffix none
2011-06-08 14:28:47 mikebo DOB 01.22.1974 January 22nd, 1974
2011-06-08 01:35:25 cwallace Suffix none
2011-06-08 01:30:05 cwallace First Name Charles Chip
2011-06-08 01:30:05 cwallace Middle Name H
2011-06-08 01:30:05 cwallace Suffix Jr. none
2011-06-08 01:30:05 cwallace Nickname Chip Wallace, Chip, Crusher Wallace Chip, Charles Wallace, Crusher Wallace
2011-06-08 01:27:28 cwallace Nickname Crusher Wallace Chip Wallace, Chip, Crusher Wallace
2011-06-08 01:18:14 cwallace First Name Charles "Chip" Charles
2011-06-08 01:18:14 cwallace Middle Name H
2011-06-08 01:18:14 cwallace Birthplace Mt Vernon, NY
2010-06-30 00:59:47 cwallace First Name Chip Charles "Chip"
2010-06-30 00:59:47 cwallace Suffix Jr.
2010-06-30 00:59:47 cwallace Nickname Crusher Wallace
2010-06-30 00:59:47 cwallace DOB 01.22.1974
2008-07-09 12:12:37 uurandy Suffix none
2008-07-09 12:12:37 uurandy Website

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