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Adam Warren

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2010-09-23 13:27:17 spid Suffix none
2007-06-18 12:14:09 misterpace Suffix none
2007-06-18 12:14:09 misterpace Website
2007-06-18 12:14:09 misterpace Bio Warren reportedly gave up a promising job in the field of corporal vessel internment facility lawn care to attend the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art starting in 1985, but after less than a year of attendance was unsure about his future in graphic art. Over the Christmas break of his first year he chanced upon manga and anime, some of which was the original Dirty Pair. After a year of attempting to acquire the rights to produce a comic based on the series he was finally able to make inroads with Toren Smith and Studio Proteus. Warren put together a portfolio of Dirty Pair-related work which Smith then took to Sunrise Studios, but they were unimpressed with the work and negotiations went nowhere. Smith then contacted Takachiho Haruka, the creator of the Dirty Pair, who was much more impressed with Warren's ideas and agreed to license the characters for an American comic. The only requirement was that the character designs be somewhat different from the anime versions to avoid copyright issues with Sunrise. This directly resulted in Warren's first major work: Dirty Pair: Biohazards, which he co-wrote with Toren Smith and published through Studio Proteus and Eclipse Comics in 1989. The next two Dirty Pair works would be co-written with Smith but starting with the fourth book, Sim Hell, it became a solo project. Throughout the '90s and into the 2000s Warren produced several Dirty Pair comics and trade paperbacks, a four part Bubblegum Crisis series called Grand Mal as well as cover, pin-up and other "freelance" art. During this time he provided numerous cover illustrations, most notably covers for the X-Men, Star Wars, Fantastic Four, and Appleseed series, as well as some trading card art, and even in-house Christmas cards for Studio Proteus. Towards the end of the '90s and into early the 2000s he was one of the main writers, and to a lesser extent artist, for the Gen┬╣┬│ series from Wildstorm comics. He has done art commission work for Spin Magazine and PlayStation Magazine. His PlayStation comics usually relate to their major featured article and are found on the back page of the magazine. His art as also been featured in their swimsuit edition. He has also been known to do some translation and scripting work, Seraphic Feather and Cannon God Exaxxion being two of the only known credited examples. Warren's more recent works include yet more freelance art for various companies, including a long run on the back page of PSM Magazine, and his latest completed series: Livewires. There have also been rumors of another Dirty Pair series in the works (as of 2005); although Warren had promised several times in the past to continue work with the Lovely Angels it has been several years since his last major Dirty Pair work. To date at least two planned DP related series have failed to come to market; the first a side-story meant to follow the character Shasti and the second a DP/Superman cross-over. Warren's latest work, which he is be both writing and drawing, is a series of original graphic novels called Empowered. He describes the series as "an episodic 'sexy superhero comedy,' mixing a twisted take on costumed crime-fighting, romance, and absurdist workplace humor with a strong dose of that 'manga flava'... and just a dash of the kinky." The first trade paper back was published by Dark Horse Comics on the 21st of March 2007 after a slight delay while printing. Volume Two is planned for release in September 2007. This series is notable because it is not inked, but rather sourced directly from pencil drawing, something which Warren has not done for a complete series before and is not the norm in the American comic book industry.

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