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Mike Worley

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2006-07-05 22:51:40 Fuad1138 Suffix none
2006-07-05 22:51:40 Fuad1138 Website
2006-07-05 22:51:40 Fuad1138 Bio I was born in Atchison, KS in 1955. My father was a coach and teacher, so we moved around a lot. In 1969, he became an instructor and coach at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. I was saved and became a Christian at First Baptist Church in Maryville in 1972. I graduated from Maryville High School in 1973. In college, I studied music and graduated in 1977. I taught school for 3 years and didn’t like it. I was married in 1978, and have liked it, because we will be celebrating our Silver Anniversary in 2003. We have 3 children, Adam(21), Jordan(19), and Rachel(17). On Christmas day of 1979, I received a copy of the book, “How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way,” and was hooked. In 1980, I returned to NWMSU to work on an art degree. I was a runner-up in the “Create Your Own Characters” Contest sponsored by CBG. In 1984, I was in the DC Comics “New Talent” program as a colorist. In 1985, I was a runner-up as a penciller for the “Marvel Tryout Contest.” In 1986, I did my first professional coloring for Eclipse Comics. In 1990, I started coloring for Marvel, and soon after, did my first pencilling assignment for Archie Comics—a 1-page gag featuring “Betty.” I pencilled some gags for Archie until 1996. I pencilled some “Ren & Stimpy” for Marvel, and did some inking on the style guide for the King Features property, “Phantom 2040” in 1994. I also did some inking for “Marvel Comics Presents” and “Midnight Sons Unlimited.” I was scheduled to ink the “Dumb and Dumber” comic over Jeff Jarka’s pencils until Marvel jettisoned their licensed properties department. Phil Hester and I did “The Picture Taker” for Slave Labor in 1996, and I did a few features for his book, “The Wretch.” Around 1998/1999, I started to make a comeback of sorts in the industry. I pencilled a “Thunder Girl” story for Gary Carlson’s “Big Bang Comics,”(Issue #25), and I started to do work for Brian Miller’s HiFi colour design studio on a project called “Tohubohu,” which was published by New Breed Comics. I continued to work for Brian Miller until 2001 when HiFi moved to Phoenix, AZ. In 2000, I pencilled and inked my first work for Bongo Comics—an “Itchy and Scratchy” story in “Simpsons’ Comics #50. I have continued to draw for Bongo, as well as some other publishers, namely Double Eye Studios(Bloodshed, issues #2 & 3), and Fiction House Entertainment. In April, 2002, Brian Miller and I did a feature titled, “The Terrifying Tales of Tommi Trek!”, which appeared in “DoubleTake #2” from Funkotron. Currently, I’m inking a set of pinups for some members of Shocktrauma Studios, which will be included in Phil Hester’s and Jason Caskey’s book for Image Comics, “The Holy Terror.” I am also working with some young creators, Elijah Whitley and Serena Lei, on a proposal titled, “Atonement,” which we hope to shop to prospective publishers.
2005-12-29 10:47:09 Darth Kramer New Creator

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