Why are they your favorites?

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Why are they your favorites?

Postby Ukiah » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:54 pm

People list their favorite issues or their favorite characters, maybe even their favorite creators, but we don't often to get to hear why they're their favorites. Right here, why did you add something to your list of favorites?

To name some of my own:
Jokester: The first time I saw this character was during Jason Todd and company's trip through the multiverse, Jokester managing to keep them alive for the next jump. But what really clicked for me was just the gall of this character, the outright bravado, and well a touch of the crazy from his more well-known incarnation he displayed in facing off against the entire evil Crime Syndicate. I mean he even, briefly, gave a knock-out (below the belt) punch to Owlman. Instantly fell in love with this character... a shame we didn't see much more of him :(

Obregon Kaine & Benito Santini: I'm lumping these two together because they share traits that made them my favorites - they're both resourceful, intelligent, powerful leaders who often lead their teams against vastly more powerful antagonists. Oh and probably more importantly, they're normal non-superpowered characters themselves and their teams both include normal and super-powered beings. When the writing has been right with these two, and from their all too short appearances it always was, they were nothing but a pleasure to see in action.
Michonne: Almost falls into the same category except it's mostly her inner strength rather than leadership qualities which shines my favorite status on her, and that world in which she exists certainly needs a whole lot of inner strength ^.^;;;

Boy Blue: I mostly include this character as a favorite for his vastly interesting adventure through the Fables universe in his quest to restore Pinocchio and destroy the Adversary. He really only had two magical weapons in his possession, the vorpal sword and the witching cloak, but he'd made the most of them and we got to see more depth of his character and those up til that point mostly incidental magical items than anytime previously in that series. That story-arc still remains my favorite of the series thus far.

Dr. Dinosaur: Just a bowl full of crazy that is always an entertaining pleasure to read XD

Bob Burden's Original Mysterymen Comics (1999) #1: Holy cow, I nearly cried laughing in this issue. There was so much to enjoy but the dialogue was so beautifully and amusingly written, such as the majority of the issue focussing on two characters hunting a monster with the monster coming across as the sympathetic character, them daring each other to put a 'kick me' sign on its back, it being so slow that they end up just sitting around chilling and having normal conversation while waiting for it to catch up, and of course its explosive conclusion :) I seriously had hoped to see more of these characters in the series (it instead focussed on new characters every issue) but it gave the feeling of so much happening in that universe, the beginning started off with a gang member they were holding hostage having his head pop off because The Strangler got a little overboard with the interrogation :P Just a funny funny issue full of Flaming Carrot type humor.

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Re: Why are they your favorites?

Postby Soda » Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:30 pm

Yotsuba Koiwai

She's just the cutest thing and her smile is highly infectious. Whenever I read a (new) volume I feel really good.

Yoko Tsuno

One of the first heroines in French-Belgian comics that I got to know decades ago. It's also one of the few series with a female lead where said female lead is not sexualized but just beautiful.


Batman with balls. What's not to like? :D

And not from comic books:

Susan Ivanova and Delenn

Both are tough women who won't back down or shy away from a fight.
Also. Both were portrayed by great actresses.

Ukiah wrote:Obregon Kaine & Benito Santini

You sir, have an amazing taste! (although I like both Jukko and Tefibi slightly more).

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