Trading cards

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Trading cards

Postby prime25 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:50 am

Should we have a trading cards section for each creater on here?

Most of the trading cards end up just being artwork reused but back in the mid 90's we did have brand new art just for the card sets. But how would it be listed on a creater page.
cover artist

With most being artwork would be under artist or inker colourist. But also we have someone writing all the stuff on the back. No letter is stated on any cards. Or who edits the whole set. But it could also feature on it a list of special cards - marvel masterpieces 96 which you got the signed cards but these had an extra text printed on them. So this text could be stated on here. I always wanted to know what all the cards text said - I had about half of them. ie Mr Fantastic had FOURWARD printed on the card.

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