question: re two series of For Beginners (and Icon's series of Introducing)

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question: re two series of For Beginners (and Icon's series of Introducing)

Postby EarthFurst » Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:15 pm

So there are three (or four) publishers of "For Beginners" books:
1) Writers and Readers (a publishing co-operative) ... but the founder (Glenn Thompson) eventually started Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc. due to defections (details at )
2) Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc. (presumably the Inc version also published For Beginners books)
3) For Beginners, LLC who republished books of Writers and Readers (some details also at ) and publishing new Beginners books also
4) Icon Books ... publishing a series of For Beginners books, but by different creators (EXAMPLE: Derrida For Beginners book published in 1996 by Icon created by Jeff Collins and Bill Mayblin ; while Derrida For Beginners published in 1997 (and reprinted by For Beginners LLC) created by Jim Powell and Van Howell) for publisher: "For Beginners LLC"
lists 43 titles
FROM "African History For Beginners (2008)"
TO "Women's History For Beginners (2012)"
but most of them have no issues in comicbookdb associated with them
(only four titles have associated issues already in comicbookdb: "African History For Beginners", "Anarchism For Beginners", "Eastern Philosophy For Beginners" and "McLuhan For Beginners")

Comicbookdb also has books published by Icon Books (with some possibly co-published by Totem ; see footnote1)
with (Icon) only listing
* "Kafka for Beginners" (by Crumb and Mairowitz)
* "Introducing... series" (1993) (currently comicbookdb only has Introducing The Freud Wars ) ...
says "Icon Books was formed in 1991" and they started with republishing guides "which had languished out of print for various reasons in the 1980s" and they also published new titles. AND "Called … for Beginners for much of this time, in 1999 the series name was changed to Introducing"
says "The …for Beginners series, now known as Introducing…, was born."

QUESTION: Should (Icon)
a) only have two titles ("...for Beginners series" and "Introducing... series")

{ in which case the three publishers of Writers and Readers books should only have ONE title of Beginners each ("...for Beginners series") }
b) have more than one Beginners title and more than one Introducing title

b1) examples: Kafka For Beginners, Chomsky For Beginners, with more at archive of a webpage
b2) examples: Introducing Kafka, Introducing Chomsky, etc

I'd be inclined to go with route b, because looked in various Beginners books and Introducing books and none of them seem to have "series" as part of the title.

footnote1: Have copy of Introducing Learning and Memory ( text by Sardar and Appignanesi and art by Edney )
published in UK by Icon Books and published in USA by Totem Books ("Totem Books" "inquiries to: Icon Books Ltd., ... Cambridge ... UK" so Totem possibly an imprint of Icon Books)
Still trying to learn the ways of the ComicBookDB.

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