ALF broj 8 for 6 dinara is in which language?? (ATTENTION Hoobson)

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ALF broj 8 for 6 dinara is in which language?? (ATTENTION Hoobson)

Postby EarthFurst » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:07 pm

Yesterday Hoobson added
ALF (1990) - #8
with "broj 8" on cover and publisher "Stripoteke",
but language on title page ( ) is "English" (with "Country: Yugoslavia"),
but since there is no English on the cover of #8 ... I doubt the comic is in English.

Hey Hoobson! What language is the comic in??

* * *
If Hoobson doesn't read this post.

I tried to figure out the answer below, but i think i failed.
(unless the answer is simply "Serbo-Crotian")
(EDIT: Serbo-Crotian is also known under other names ... see the wikipedia article)

Let's look at the cover of ALF broj 8:

The word balloons aren't much help if your only translation is Google Translate. (see footnote 1)

Comparing with the English comic published by Marvel.

We can guess that the "cat" on English-cover is "macku" (Mačku?) on the other cover.
Cat article on Bosnian wikipedia is

Additionally dinara was Yugoslavian money
"Coins ... 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 dinara"

Database date of Alf broj 8 is "September 6 1990", so going to dinar section for that time period
"The second revaluation took place on January 1, 1990, at a ratio of 10,000 to 1. During this period, the constituent republics began to leave the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia."

So comic probably published in ... Yugoslavia
whose languages were

"Broj" on cover Google Translate auto-detects it as Bosnian for "number".

So language in comic probably Serbo-Crotian, but
isn't much help since "It is a pluricentric language with four mutually intelligible standard varieties." (apparently Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin)

Can we get more specific then Serbo-Crotian?

Going to Google Translate (in order of that wikipedia list):
* broj (Serbian) -> number (English)
* broj (Croatian) -> number (English)
* broj (Bosnian) -> number (English)
* {Google translate doesn't have Montenegrin language)
So that doesn't narrow it down.

Trying "cena" Google Translating to English:
* cena (Serbian) -> "the price" (English)
* cena (Croatian) -> price (English)
* cena (Bosnian) -> цена ("English") {soooo, not Bosnian???) {цена isn't English so think someone may have mucked around with Google Translate there}

Footnote 1: "Ovo je Tenerova Kosacica, Tenerov alat, tenerov Usisivac"
Google translate says is Italian and offers the translation
"This is Tenerova Kosacica, the Tener's tool, the Tender's Usisivac"

Adding c̄ : Ovo je Tenerova Kosac̄ica, Tenerov alat, tenerov Usisivac̄
results in Google saying it is Italian, but translation also unclear
"This is Tenerova Kosachajica, Tener's tool, Tenerov Usisivac̄"

'Ej, Sto Ne Pozajmis I Tenerovu Macku?
(Google says Croatian ... but didn't translate)
Still trying to learn the ways of the ComicBookDB.

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