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How to add a TPB/HC/Graphic Novel to the Database
by Matt Kramer (Darth Kramer)

Help Home

If you are entering a TPB or a HC, the first step is to determine whether or not all of the issues collected are from within a single title, as "Steel Nation" collects Magnus Robot Fighter (1991) #1-4. If this is the case, the TPB or HC should be entered under the parent title, in this case being Magnus Robot Fighter (1991).
  • If you are entering a TPB or HC that collects issues under multiple titles, such as "Batman Chronicles" collects issues under both the Detective Comics and Batman titles, a new title should be entered into the Database to catalog this TPB or HC.
  • If you are entering a TPB or HC that is a "series" of its own, such as Marvel’s "Essential" line or DC’s "Showcase Presents", these should be entered under the appropriate titles, i.e. "Essential X-Men" or "Showcase Presents Green Lantern". These titles should catalog these books.
  • If you are entering a Graphic Novel, such as "Batman: Son of the Demon", a new title should be entered to reflect this issue.
Once you have determined the proper title to enter the TPB/HC/OGN under, access that title and first confirm that the book has not already been entered. If this is the case, then select the "Add an Issue to This Title" button under the parent title, which will bring you to the "Adding an Issue" page.

When entering the Issue Number, please use the right-most field, which will allow for alphanumeric entry. If the issue you are entering is one in a series of volumes, please note the issue number as "TPB/HC vol. X", where TPB/HC is the format, and X is the volume number. When entering volume number, please enter numbers less than 10 as "01", "02", "03", etc to allow them to be displayed in the correct order (for example "TPB vol. 02"). If you are entering a Graphic Novel, please enter the issue number as "OGN HC" or "OGN SC", depending on the format.

When entering Issue Name, please enter the name of the TPB, if applicable. JSA (1999) TPB vol. 05 would have the issue name entered as "Stealing Thunder". Essential X-Men TPB vol. 02 would not have an issue name entered. Batman: Son of the Demon OGN SC would have the issue name "Son of the Demon", as it appears as the name inside of the issue.

Under format, please select the appropriate format, i.e. Trade Paperback, Hardcover, or Original Graphic Novel.

When all other information has been entered (creators, price, synopsis), press the "Submit" button and choose any of the options presented, such as "Upload a Cover", "Add this Issue to Your Collection", "View this Issue", or "Add Another Issue".

When adding characters to the issue, please add all of the characters appearing in the volume.

If the book you have just entered collects or reprints other issues in the database, click the "Edit This Issue" button. At the bottom of the page, below the creator entry area, click the link that says, "If this entry collects or reprints other issues, add an issue to this entry".

On this page you can add individual issues to the reprint info for your book. If it contains a run of issues, you can click the link that says, "Add a batch of issues to this entry". This will allow you to choose a title and the beginning and end of the run that this book reprints.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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