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FAQ - Issues
by James O'Dell (lothario)

Help Home

Should I add only the Editors to an issue or all Assistant/Associate/Editors-in-Chief, etc.?
You should add all credited editors regardless of what type of editor they are listed as.

What should I do if I find an issue that is not completely filled out but I don't have the information available to complete the entry?
If you cannot complete a submission, due to missing info, post a request to finish on the forum. This way someone knows the issue needs completing, and we can all help out each other.

Most of what I buy is in trade paperback format so I don't have original issues. Therefore I don't have the dates and such that go along with those issues. Should I just enter the basic information I can gather from the TPB and hope someone with the original issues can fill in the rest, or should I not enter them?
One of the things that is pretty necessary is knowing the cover date. If you don't know that, it's probably best if you don't enter the seperate issues. You can however enter the trade paperback as an entry.

When adding character appearances into a book, should flashbacks be counted?
Absolutely, characters should be listed in issues in which they appear regardless of the timeline within the story.

I'm not exactly sure what an Imprint is, can you fill me in?
An imprint is an entity under which a number of titles are grouped. Probably the most famous imprint right now is Vertigo. Vertigo is owned by DC Comics, but is its own separate universe. Some other big ones are Wildstorm (DC) and Marvel MAX (Marvel).

Are ads counted as pages in the page count?
That is the commonly accepted method. Otherwise it might get messy when you have issues from a few decades back that have pages with both ads and story splitting the page.

Is there a way to completely remove creators from a listing instead of replacing them?
If you hold the ctrl button down and click a highlighted name, that name will become unhighlighted. Only highlighted names get sent to the server to be processed with the entry.

Can I edit the issue number?
No, issue numbers are one of the few pieces of data that are only editable by an admin.

Is it ok if I don't put in any creator or character information for a new issue?
It is highly discouraged as it requires more effort to find incomplete entries. There should be a fairly exceptional reason to add a barebones issue entry.

How do I add a studio as a creator?
You put the name in the alias field.

If the name of an issue says, "Part One," should I change it to, "Part 1"?
No, leave it as it appears in the comic, even if it contradicts other issues.

Are story arcs only for stories that cross over into different titles?
No, story arcs can be in a single title spanning more than one issue.

I can't figure out how to select the name of a creator whose name has an accent (George Pérez for example) to add to an issue because I can't type the accented character. How do I do this?
You can type the name without the accent - in this example just 'Perez' and he'll come up in the list. You won't see the accent, but it will appear when you view the issue.

When adding creators to an issue that has multiple stories, should I list creators only under each story, or additionally, should I list all creators whose work appears in the initial creator listing which displays next to the thumbnail?
All creators who are standard across the entire issue, i.e. Editors and Cover Artists, should be listed at the issue level. If editors differ across stories, the editor should be listed at the story level. All creators who are story specific, even if their work appears in multiple stories, should be listed at the story level.

If a title changes publishers or imprints, how should that be noted in its database entry?
For the Title page, the publisher and imprint should always be set to the most recent publisher/imprint rather than the original. The individual issues should be set to the publisher/imprint at that time.

As an example, TRANSMETROPOLITAN from DC began as a Helix imprint for DC. The first issues all have Helix as the imprint until it was switched to Vertigo. The Title page, however, only says Vertigo but has a note regarding when the transition was made.

I've got some black and white comics where a separate person is credited with doing the tones. Should I add them as an inker or a colorist, do you think?
If the issue is purely black and white, choose "(Story is monochromatic)" for the colorist. If it instead has graytones, choose "(Graytones)" for the colorist.

How do I enter an issue with the number "1/2"?
Put the 1/2 in the field that allows non-numeric characters, not the regular issue number field.

Is it ok to upload a cover with a watermark on it?
We highly prefer that you do not enter covers with watermarks on them. The best thing that you can do is scan the cover yourself.

I have one image for a cover that is just the artwork and one that has the logo, UPC, etc. Which is preferred?
The preference is to have the actual cover - logos, publisher, taglines, etc.

I have a wraparound cover to upload for an issue. Should I upload the entire wraparound for the large image and thumbnail or just the front cover?
Please upload the entire thing for both the large image and the thumbnail.

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