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Cable (1993) - #23
"Family Secrets"

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Joseph 'Jeph' Loeb III

Ian Churchill
Tim Sale

Mark Buckingham
Scott Hanna
Tim Sale

Digital Chameleon
Mike Thomas

Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'

Lisa Patrick

Cover Artist(s):
Ian Churchill
Scott Hanna

Rating (out of 10):
from 8 votes

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Cover Date: September 1995
Cover Price: US $ 1.95

Issue Tagline: To Meet One's Destiny

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
Cable (1993) #23 Newsstand Edition

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Cable is still residing at the Xavier Institute. However, he has trouble sleeping and spends his time meditating… upside down. After being interrupted by Storm, Cable shows Ororo a postcard he got earlier, which is addressed to him as “Nathan Dayspring.” He finds that odd since there aren’t many people who know him by that name, and even less who know he’s living there. Ororo reads the back of the card, which has an inscription of “I think of you, hope you’re thinking of me” on it. Ororo thinks Cable better shows this to Professor Xavier, so he does. The two have a discussion about Tyler, whom Cable thinks sent the card. During the discussion, Cable refers to Tyler as “Jenskot’s son.” The Professor finds that odd and wants to hear more about it, but Nathan refuses to dwell into that right now. Instead, he wants to know if the Professor can use Cerebro to find Tyler. Unfortunately Xavier can’t, because someone or something has been causing a psionic disturbance on the astral plane. He suggests he use Caliban’s tracking powers, though Nathan thinks he has a better idea, and leaves. He visits Blaquesmith, who is still trying to figure out who attacked him earlier. Nathan also notices Blaquesmith has a map of Europe on board and wonders who he’s tracking, though Blaquesmith is evasive. Then asked what he wants, Cable explains about Tyler, and Blaquesmith suggests he go to have a look at Tyler’s old sanctuary, as his computers have been indicating some activity there. Cable agrees and leaves. Once Cable is gone, Blaquesmith performs an odd ritual and successfully contacts… Mother Askani! She is aware Blaquesmith is troubled with the role he has to play, but they all have to fulfill it. After all, she adds, Cable’s trials aren’t over yet. In fact, they’re just beginning. Meanwhile, Domino is at the Rocky Mountains where a series of murders have taken place. Finding a house of a friend whom she suspects, she explores it and, in the attic, discovers numerous bodies of dead people hang upside down on the ceiling. And the one responsible for it is none other than whom Domino feared it would be… Grizzly! Hours later, Cable made it to the remains of Tyler’s sanctuary. Tyler himself is not present, but Cable does find someone else. He finds his wife… Jenskot?! But, how can she even be alive when she died in his arms?

Reprinted/Collected in:
Cable (1994) #9
Cable (1994) #16
Cable and X-Force Classic (2013) TPB vol. 01
Wolverine (1989) #83

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An image for Blaquesmith (Marvel) exists Blaquesmith (Marvel)
An image for Cable (Marvel) exists Cable (Marvel)
An image for Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman) exists Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman)
An image for Grizzly (Marvel)(02 - Theodore Winchester) exists Grizzly (Marvel)(02 - Theodore Winchester)
  An image for Jenskot exists Jenskot
An image for Mother Askani (Marvel) exists Mother Askani (Marvel)
An image for Professor X (Marvel) exists Professor X (Marvel)
An image for Storm (Marvel)(01 - Ororo Munroe) exists Storm (Marvel)(01 - Ororo Munroe)

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