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Cable (1993) - #39
"All Things Great and Small"

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Joseph 'Jeph' Loeb III

Ian Churchill

Scott Hanna

Mike Thomas

Albert W. Deschesne - 'Comicraft/AD'

Robert 'Bob' Harras
Mark Powers

Cover Artist(s):
Ian Churchill

Rating (out of 10):
from 7 votes

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Cover Date: January 1997
Cover Price: US $ 1.95

Issue Tagline: Innerspace Rebellion!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 40 pages

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Letters Column: Cable Grams

Psychoman continues to attack Cable, Domino and the Micronauts with his emotion machine. Eventually, Rann orders a retreat and the group leaves Cable behind. However, as the others flee, Cable has enough telepathic strength left in them to warn they need to find and rescue Copycat, so they can severe the connection Psychoman has over Kane. So instructed, Domino and the Micronauts breach into Psychomanís lab, where they find a machine that shrinks the Micronauts. They use this to their advantage to surprise-attack Psychoman and destroy his machines, while Domino locate Vanessa and slaps her back to her senses. They fight Psychomanís soldiers together, after which Cable recovers enough to uses a trick he learned from Nate Grey. After Vanessa rescues Kane from Psychomanís holding machines, he synches up with them both and uses their emotions in a mental attack combining a telepathic blast with a telekinetic burst through his eye. The attack of emotions and feelings overload the Psyhoman, who is shut down, ending the battle. Triumphant, Cable and the others place Psychoman in stasis so he wonít bother anyone ever again. Some time later, the Micronauts say their goodbyes and send Cable and the others back to Earth. There, Domino and Copycat reconcile their differences before Vanessa and Kane take off on his bike, hoping to find a place where they can fit in as ordinary people, and donít have to be outcasts anymore. Cable and Domino decide to continue the good fight, but grab something to eat first. Meanwhile, at the Xavier Institute, Moira desperately tries to reach Cable, as she urgently needs to talk to him. Renee Majcomb may be in grave danger and needs his help!

Reprinted/Collected in:
Cable (1994) #15
Cable & X-Force: Onslaught! (2019) TPB
Wolverine (1989) #96
Wolverine (1997) #54

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An image for Bug (Marvel)(01 - Microverse) exists Bug (Marvel)(01 - Microverse)
An image for Cable (Marvel) exists Cable (Marvel)
An image for Copycat (Marvel) exists Copycat (Marvel)
An image for Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman) exists Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman)
An image for Moira MacTaggert (Marvel) exists Moira MacTaggert (Marvel)
  An image for Marionette (Marvel) exists Marionette (Marvel)
An image for Psycho-Man (Marvel) exists Psycho-Man (Marvel)
An image for Arcturus Rann exists Arcturus Rann
An image for Weapon X (Marvel)(02 - Garrison Kane) exists Weapon X (Marvel)(02 - Garrison Kane)

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