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Deadpool (1997) - #4
"Why Is It, To Save Me, I Must Kill You?" (Marvel Legends Reprint)

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Joseph Kelly - 'Joe Kelly'

Ed James McGuinness

Nathan Massengill

Matthew Paine

Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'

Matt Idelson
Paul Tutrone - 'P.T.'

Cover Artist(s):
Ed James McGuinness

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: February 2004
Cover Price: Free

Issue Tagline: Versus The Hulk

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

This is a version of the following issue:
Deadpool (1997) #4 - Why Is It, To Save Me, I Must Kill You?

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Letters Column: Deadlines

Killebrew explains to Siryn and Deadpool Wade’s disease to the both of them. But, there might be a solution to prevent Wade from dying: they’ll need a sample of the Hulk’s blood, which will stop the gamma radiation Wade was exposed to earlier from continuing to run through his body. Deadpool, Siryn and Killebrew take a plane ride to the Hulk’s new island. Once arrived, Deadpool jumps down and starts fighting the green goliath. After a rough battle, Deadpool manages to slice the Hulk with a street sign, and to grab a blood sample. Despite them noticing that something’s obviously wrong with the Hulk, everyone departs back to the Swiss Alps. There, Killebrew sticks a needle in Deadpool’s arm, with the Hulk’s blood now floating inside him. Killebrew is confident that the procedure has been a success, but they’ll have to be patient until Wade’s finger grows back and he is fully healed. Siryn has full confidence in both Killebrew and Wade. Deadpool thanks Siryn for that. But, this won’t prevent Wade from taking his revenge on Killebrew, and quietly holds a scalpel behind his back, ready for the use.

Deadpool (1997) #4

This issue came with Deadpool Marvel Legends Series VI action figure.

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An image for Deadpool (Marvel) exists Deadpool (Marvel)
An image for Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner) exists Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
  An image for Dr. Emrys Killebrew (Marvel) exists Dr. Emrys Killebrew (Marvel)
An image for Siryn (Marvel) exists Siryn (Marvel)

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