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Sonic Universe (2009) - #17
"Trouble in Paradise, Part One: No Rest for the Weary"
Archie Comic Publications Inc.

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Ian Flynn

Tracy Yardley

Jim Amash

Jason Jensen

Phil Hugh Felix

Victor Gorelick
Paul Kaminski
Mike Pellerito

Cover Artist(s):
Ben Micheal Hunzeker - 'The Grey Rabbit'
Tracy Yardley

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: June 2010
Cover Price: US $ 2.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 36 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
Trouble in Paradise

Letters Column: My Sonic Universe

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Sonic Universe (2009) TPB vol. 05

Sonic the Hedhehog appears only in flashback.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Antoine D'Coolette exists Antoine D'Coolette
An image for Bunnie 'Rabbot' D'Coolette exists Bunnie 'Rabbot' D'Coolette
An image for Sonic the Hedgehog exists Sonic the Hedgehog
  Speedy (Sonic Universe)
An image for Tails (Sonic) exists Tails (Sonic)

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"No Rest For The Weary" - Edit this story

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Trouble in Paradise

Ian Flynn

Tracy Yardley

Jim Amash

Jason Jensen

Phil Hugh Felix

Victor Gorelick
Paul Kaminski
Mike Pellerito

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Miles "Tails" Prower is boating to Cocoa Island in the Sea Fox with sidecars attached to either side, carrying Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie D'Coolette. The plan is for Antoine and Bunnie to finally have their long-delayed honeymoon on one of the beaches, while Tails works on a "pet project" in his workshop inland. During their approach, Tails notices three satellite islands, whereas in the past there were only two. Antoine thinks Tails simply hadn't gotten around to mapping it out. Once the Sea Fox lands on the beach at the main Cocoa Island, Tails sets off to his workshop, but not before worrying if the happy couple will be bored. After Tails leaves, Antoine has a chuckle at the young fox's naivete. Meanwhile, somewhere on the island, some small birds, overseen by a larger green bird, are in a control room monitoring Cocoa Island, and are concerned about the "interlopers". When Tails flies to his workshop, however, the small birds watch in astonishment, while the green bird gets deeply offended, believing only birds should fly under their own power. Bunnie and Antoine set up camp and enjoy their first day on the beach, while Tails builds and tests his project, a robotic pet and helper he calls "T-Pup". That evening, by the bonfire, Antoine asks Bunnie if she thinks they married too early. Bunnie chides him playfully for waiting until their honeymoon to ask that, then gets serious, saying that growing up fighting wars has forced them to grow up a lot faster than prior to the Great War. He reasons the same, and she assuages his worries, saying she's never been happier. Before they can get closer, however, explosions rock the island and large swaths of the island's jungle are swept up in wildfires. The fires surround Bunnie and Antoine as Tails and T-Pup rush out to help. The pair are immediately surrounded by birds in various attack vehicles. They hold them off for a time, with Bunnie using her robotic limbs, and Antoine (having left his sabre at home) using his bare paws until he can get one of the birds' cannons. Tails hits the scene and starts taking out aerial units, remarking to himself on how he's come of his own as a Freedom Fighter, until he is intercepted by the green bird. Antoine and Bunnie are soon faced with a large battle suit-type vehicle. Exhausted, Bunnie is unable to resist it, and she and Antoine are knocked out and captured. In the meantime, Tails matches the green bird move-for-move in the air, until he is kicked back down to the ground, hitting his cabin on the way down. The green bird introduces himself as Speedy, Battlekukku XVI of the Battle Bird Armada, and tells Tails, who he calls a "freak", that he's met his end.

Antoine and Bunnie were married in Issue #174 of the main StH comic, 40 issues previous. This is several months previous in the timeline, and over three years ago in real time. During plot exposition, it is shown that Tails first discovered Cocoa Island during the original Tails miniseries special in 1995-96, around the same time as issues 30-35 in the main comic. His workshop was built while Sonic was in space following issue #125, when everyone on Mobius thought he was dead. Both Sonic and Mammoth Mogul are shown in flashbacks as Tails enters the fight. Sonic appears in one of his many rescues of Tails early on the comic. Mammoth Mogul appears when he had Turbo Tails imprisoned in issue #144. A reminder of ages in the comic: at this time, Antoine is 20, and Bunnie is 18. Tails is 11. In the Off-Panel mini strip, they show reasons for the arc characters' names: Tails, because he has two tails; Speedy, because he's super-fast; Bunnie Rabbot (despite her not using her maiden name in years real-time), because she's half-robotic; and Antoine...because he's...French?

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