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Sonic Universe (2009) - #18
"Trouble in Paradise, Part Two: The Honeymoon's Over"
Archie Comic Publications Inc.

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Ian Flynn

Tracy Yardley

Jim Amash

Jason Jensen

Phil Hugh Felix

Victor Gorelick
Paul Kaminski
Mike Pellerito

Cover Artist(s):
Ben Micheal Hunzeker - 'The Grey Rabbit'
Tracy Yardley

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: July 2010
Cover Price: US $ 2.99

Issue Tagline: The Tails Adventure Part 2 of 4

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 36 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
Trouble in Paradise

Letters Column: My Sonic Universe

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Sonic Universe (2009) TPB vol. 05

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An image for Antoine D'Coolette exists Antoine D'Coolette
An image for Bunnie 'Rabbot' D'Coolette exists Bunnie 'Rabbot' D'Coolette
  An image for Sonic the Hedgehog exists Sonic the Hedgehog
Speedy (Sonic Universe)
An image for Tails (Sonic) exists Tails (Sonic)

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"The Honeymoon Is Over" - Edit this story

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this story
Trouble in Paradise

Ian Flynn

Tracy Yardley

Jim Amash

Jason Jensen

Phil Hugh Felix

Cover Artist(s):
Tracy Yardley

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The arc resumes with Speedy taunting the downed Tails, telling him to crawl on the ground where he belongs. Tails asks what's going on, and finds out the Battle Bird Armada, Speedy's organization, had been using Cocoa Island as their training ground. And for Speedy, Tails' "unnatural" flying ability made it personal. T-Pup sneaks behind Speedy and bites his tailfeathers, giving Tails a chance to escape again. Continuing the battle in the air, Speedy is amazed that Tails is able to match him as he is led through an underground catacomb. Flying out a roof hole, Speedy loses Tails, and gives up the chase for now. Tails is hiding in a ledge just inside the catacombs. Unable to return to his cabin, Tails goes to sleep in a crevice, nursing a headache from the beating he took, with T-Pup keeping watch. Back in the Battle Bird Armada base, which turns out to be that third island, Bunnie and Antoine wake up in separate cells. The guards arrive, stating that the leader wants to speak to Bunnie alone. Antoine makes a brief scene to distract the guards before they take Bunnie, allowing him to swipe one of their access cards to make an escape later on. Bunnie is brought before the leader of the BBA, Battlekukku XV, who begins talking about the group's alliance with the Dark Egg Legion. Bunnie quickly figures out that the leader thinks SHE is in the group due to her robotic limbs. Identifying herself as a double agent, she plays along so she can get more information not only on the base itself, but on the Dark Egg Legion as a whole. Their discussion also turns to the Babylon Rogues, who it turns out defected from the BBA, and Bunnie brings up their battles with Sonic. Tails wakes up in the morning, still with a headache, and sets out for the Sea Fox. He finds birds guarding the Sea Fox, but not his cabin, so he sneaks some sleep gas bombs and knocks them out. Once underwater, he finds out the true nature of the "third island" as a floating base, but is quickly attacked by underwater BBA units. He dispatches them, but damage causes the Sea Fox to take on water, forcing him to surface. Antoine distracts one of his guards with a discussion on proper cooking methods. When the guard leaves, he uses the stolen access card and escapes his cell. However, he quickly bumps into Speedy, forcing him to flee. The alarm goes out, and Battlekukku XV dispatches guards, with Bunnie going along. Up top, Antoine finds what he thinks is a room, but is actually an egress hatch opening to the outside with no porch, showing him very high up above the ocean. He notices something in the water before he is surrounded. Seeing Bunnie with the guards, Antoine at first is confused. But after taking another look outside, he accuses Bunnie of being the traitor Silver warned the Freedom Fighters about. Bunnie tries to say she'll explain later, but Antoine backs out the open hatch, taking a suicide dive to the ocean below to Bunnie's horror.

The comic mentions Silver the Hedgehog's search for a traitor in the Freedom Fighter ranks. Previously he had only explicitly told Rob o' the Hedge of his mission in the comic, but it's possible word made it to the other Freedom Fighters since then. Sonic and Rotor will be placed directly in the search in the coming mainline issue, #215. The Babylon Rogues are from the Sonic Riders crossover. The cooking discussion between Antoine and one of his guards regards the difference between using butter or margarine. This references an incident in the original Sonic Saturday morning (SatAM) animation where Snively tortured Antoine by threatening to cook escargot using margarine instead of butter. In Off-Panel, the writer interviews Tails, asking about T-Pup's name. Tails says it means "Tails' pup". Simply calling it "Tails pup" would have unwanted implications (shows Tails as a baby), and "Mecha Tails" also gives the wrong idea (shows Tails roboticized).

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