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Sonic Universe (2009) - #19
"Trouble in Paradise, Part Three"
Archie Comic Publications Inc.

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Ian Flynn

Cover Artist(s):
Ben Micheal Hunzeker - 'The Grey Rabbit'
Tracy Yardley

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: August 2010
Cover Price: US $ 2.99

Issue Tagline: The Tails Adventure Part 3 of 4

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Trouble in Paradise

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Sonic Universe (2009) TPB vol. 05

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"Trouble in Paradise, Part 3" - Edit this story

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Ian Flynn

Tracy Yardley

Jim Amash

Jason Jensen

Phil Hugh Felix

Victor Gorelick
Paul Kaminski
Mike Pellerito

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The comic begins where Part 2 left off, with Bunnie watching Antoine's suicide dive. She follows it down, and briefly beams before slamming the hatch shut and berating the guards for letting him escape. Speedy snarks that she seems awfully upset at losing somebody she was "pretending" to be in love with. She passes it off as being mad that she now she has to add "grieving widow" to her double agent act. As she storms off to report to Battlekukku XV, Speedy looks back to her, unconvinced. Meanwhile, we see Antoine, alive and dry, having landed in the Sea Fox and atop of Tails. He briefly celebrates his quick thinking, before reporting to Tails that Bunnie is pretending to be a double agent, confirming his accusations and suicide dive were, indeed, also a ruse. Tails heads back to land somewhere on the fake island, since the Sea Fox can't search for an underwater entrance any longer. While they explore the brush on the fake island, Antoine comments on Tails' growth as a Freedom Fighter, but starts to ramble with it, irritating Tails. When the language starts to get infantile and gushing, Tails curtly snaps him out of it and re-focuses him on the task at hand. T-Pup finds a cave entrance, allowing them to finally infiltrate the base. Back inside, Speedy storms into the lab of Battle Bird Armada scientist Dr. Fukurokov, asking to use his computer. Dr. Fukurokov goes on a rant on how he's unappreciated, and demands Speedy say his name. Speedy knows it, but like everybody else, can't pronounce it. Speedy gets into the Egg Net database and looks up Bunnie D'Coolette. As he suspected, he finds out she is not a double agent; the Armada is being deceived. Speedy gets an idea, seeing one of the Doctor's projects. In the tunnels under the base proper, Tails and Antoine find runes from a long-gone ancient civilization. They also find some birds setting dynamite for a controlled detonation. They mention they have to be careful not to blow a hole into the under-tunnel below them. Tails and Antoine knock the birds out, and blow a hole into the under-tunnel. They find themselves in a corridor big enough to fit an army--and an army to go with it. Speedy sees the alert when Tails and Antoine are spotted. Battlekukku XV has already dispatched reinforcements to get them, including Bunnie. Speedy allows the deception to continue while Dr. Fukurokov continues to fix up his creation for Speedy's personal use. Tails and Antoine have no trouble with the troops. When they get to one in battle armor, they are finally re-joined by Bunnie, who crushes the armor with her robotic arm. Antoine and Bunnie reunite happily, then Bunnie hands out gifts: a sabre for Antoine from the armory, and a data stick for Tails with plans for the base. Tails plugs the data stick into T-Pup, who beams a hologram of the base for them to plan their next move: attacking the main storage bay. The Freedom Fighters blow right past the guarding troops, and meet Dr. Fukurokov in the base. Like everybody else, they have trouble with his name. The flustered Doctor commands his creation, the Mole Mech--the same giant mecha that captured Bunnie and Antoine before--to attack them.

The cover shows Antoine in his normal gear--his father's old uniform and his boots--in a parody of a Napoleon pose. Antoine wears a casual outfit inside the issue, and throughout this arc. When first introduced, the cover featured an unnatural brown stripe down Antoine's snout. This was found to be a coloring error. In the preview and the final release, this was re-colored as a patch of translucent blue-green sunscreen. The Off-Panel strip shows an outtake of Antoine's suicide dive. In it, Bunnie reaches out and grabs Antoine. In the last panel, Tails tells Bunnie to drop him and get it over with.

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