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Star Wars (1998) - #0
"Part Zero"
Dark Horse Comics

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Peet Janes

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Cover Date: April 1999
Cover Price: Free

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Webcomic

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Prelude to Rebellion

A day before the events of Star Wars #1, Ki-Adi-Mundi recalls an event from his early days as Yoda's padawan, In an incident reminiscent to the "Obi-Wan trains Luke on the Falcon" scene from Episode IV, Yoda uses a number of training droids to deliberately frustrate his young padawan. When Ki complains that the test wasn't fair. Yoda tells Ki that his enemies won't fight fair, either, and that anger over not being treated "fairly" by a combatant could easily lead him to the dark side. He goes on to relate the story of Vuras, a Jedi who sought to make the battlefield "fair" by using the tactics of his enemies. Slowly, the desire for a fair fight turned to a crusade for revenge and ultimately consumed him.

Reminded of this lesson, Ki of the present vows to be prepared for that which is "unfair" in the upcoming dealings his home planet of Cerea will have with the Republic.

Released only at, this Shockwave comic was part of a whole series of "Issue #0s" that were web-only introductions to comic storylines in 1999. Other titles included Mara Jade, Crimson Empire and The Phantom Menace.

This "issue" is no longer available in its entirety, anywhere; however much of it can be seen here. Outside of Episode V, it's one of the few examples in comics of Yoda being seen as the direct master to a particular padawan.

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