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Comic Book Marketplace (1991) - #28
"Steranko Returns!"
Gemstone Publishing

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(Unconfirmed Creator/s)

(Unconfirmed Creator/s)

(Unconfirmed Creator/s)

(Unconfirmed Creator/s)

(Unconfirmed Creator/s)

Gary M. Carter

Cover Artist(s):
Jim Steranko

Rating (out of 10):

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COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #112 Near MintCOMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #112 Near Mint$3.00
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #98 Near MintCOMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #98 Near Mint$3.00
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #87 Near MintCOMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (MAGAZINE) (1993 Series) #87 Near Mint$3.00
Comic Book Marketplace # 1.... 1991 magazine--ef...VF grade...Comic Book Marketplace # 1.... 1991 magazine--ef...VF grade...$145.00
Comic Book Marketplace (1991) #97A NMComic Book Marketplace (1991) #97A NM$3.25


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Cover Date: October 1995
Cover Price: US $ 3.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Magazine

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Letters Column: Marketplace Mail

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Comic Book Marketplace (1991) Special 04


A Letter from the Editor
Marketplace Mail
Color Gallery
Animated commentary about comics' bad boy (Bakshi on Steranko, by Ralph Bakshi)
Little gems for little hands (Big Little Barks, by Michael Naiman)
A collectors' guide from the common to the rare (Steranko Comics Checklist, by Edmund J. Rhoades, Jr.)
What happened is history (Steranko: Narrative of Blood and Dreams, by Peter DePree)
An iconoclast's artistic war against the establishment (Stevens on Steranko, by Dave Stevens)
The influence of the definitive comic chronology (The Steranko History of Comics, by Pat S. Calhoun)
Insiders' rap about insights, inspiration, and innovation (The Steranko Hotline, by Peter DePree)
Pop mythology from conjuring to comics (Thirteen Steranko Milestones, by Paul Lewis)
The Shadow in the pulps (Weird Avenger of Crime, by Todd Severin and Keith Holt)
See if you agree with these opinions by other hobbyists (CBM Forum, by Stephen H. Gentner)
The love glut makes other gluts pale by comparison (Nolan's Notebook, by Michelle Nolan)
The Post-Gold rush (The Schiffman Market Report, by Matt Schiffman)

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