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Kingdom Hearts (2005) - Box Set
"The Complete Series"
Tokyopop Manga (Mixx) (Tokyopop)

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Shiro Amano - '天野 シロ'

Shiro Amano - '天野 シロ'

Shiro Amano - '天野 シロ'

(Story is monochromatic)

Fawn Lau
Jose Macasocol Jr. - 'Joe Macasocol'
Adriana Rivera

Peter Ahlstrom
Eric Althoff
Bryce P. Coleman
Elizabeth Hurchalla
Alexis Kirsch
Zachary Rau
Seraphina Wong

Cover Artist(s):
Shiro Amano - '天野 シロ'

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: 2006
Cover Price: US $ 23.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Trade Paperback; 600 pages

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None entered.

Kingdom Hearts (2005) Vol. 01
Kingdom Hearts (2005) Vol. 02
Kingdom Hearts (2005) Vol. 03
Kingdom Hearts (2005) Vol. 04

All four volumes in a slipcase.

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An image for Abu (Disney) exists Abu (Disney)
An image for Aeris exists Aeris
An image for Aladdin (Disney) exists Aladdin (Disney)
Alice (Disney)
An image for Ansem, Seeker of Darkness exists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
An image for Ariel, the little Mermaid (Disney) exists Ariel, the little Mermaid (Disney)
An image for Beast (Disney) exists Beast (Disney)
An image for Belle (Disney) exists Belle (Disney)
An image for Captain Hook (Disney) exists Captain Hook (Disney)
Cerberus (Disney)
Cheshire Cat (Disney)
An image for Chip 'n' Dale exists Chip 'n' Dale
An image for Cinderella (Disney) exists Cinderella (Disney)
An image for Cleo (Disney) exists Cleo (Disney)
An image for Jiminy Cricket exists Jiminy Cricket
An image for Wendy Darling (general) exists Wendy Darling (general)
An image for Doorknob exists Doorknob
An image for Daisy Duck exists Daisy Duck
An image for Donald Duck exists Donald Duck
An image for Eeyore exists Eeyore
An image for Figaro (Disney) exists Figaro (Disney)
An image for Flotsam (Disney) exists Flotsam (Disney)
An image for Flounder exists Flounder
An image for Setzer Gabbiani exists Setzer Gabbiani
An image for Genie (Disney) exists Genie (Disney)
An image for Geppetto (Disney) exists Geppetto (Disney)
An image for Goofy (Disney) exists Goofy (Disney)
An image for Hades (Disney) exists Hades (Disney)
An image for Hercules (Disney) exists Hercules (Disney)
An image for Cid Highwind exists Cid Highwind
An image for Iago (Disney) exists Iago (Disney)
An image for Jafar (Disney) exists Jafar (Disney)
An image for Jasmine (Disney) exists Jasmine (Disney)
An image for Jetsam (Disney) exists Jetsam (Disney)
  An image for Kairi exists Kairi
An image for Kanga exists Kanga
An image for King Triton (Disney) exists King Triton (Disney)
An image for Yuffie Kisaragi exists Yuffie Kisaragi
An image for Squall Leonheart exists Squall Leonheart
An image for Magic Carpet (Disney) exists Magic Carpet (Disney)
An image for Maleficent exists Maleficent
Merlin (Disney)
An image for Monstro (Disney) exists Monstro (Disney)
An image for Mickey Mouse exists Mickey Mouse
An image for Minerva Minerva "Minnie" Mouse
An image for Owl (Disney) exists Owl (Disney)
An image for Peter Pan (general) exists Peter Pan (general)
An image for Philoctetes 'Phil' exists Philoctetes 'Phil'
An image for Piglet exists Piglet
An image for Pinocchio (Disney) exists Pinocchio (Disney)
An image for Pluto (Disney) exists Pluto (Disney)
An image for Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty/Disney) exists Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty/Disney)
An image for Queen of Hearts (Disney) exists Queen of Hearts (Disney)
An image for Rabbit (Disney) exists Rabbit (Disney)
An image for Riku exists Riku
An image for Roo exists Roo
An image for Sebastian (Disney) exists Sebastian (Disney)
An image for Smee (Disney) exists Smee (Disney)
An image for Snow White (Disney) exists Snow White (Disney)
An image for Sora exists Sora
An image for Cloud Strife exists Cloud Strife
An image for Tick-Tock Croc exists Tick-Tock Croc
An image for Tigger exists Tigger
An image for Tinker Bell (Disney) exists Tinker Bell (Disney)
An image for Ursula (Disney) exists Ursula (Disney)
White Rabbit (Disney)
Winnie the Pooh (general)

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