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Empowered (2007) - HC vol. 02
"Deluxe Edition Volume II"
Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics)

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Adam Warren

Jo Chen - '咎井淳 / TogaQ'
Adam Warren
Emily Warren

(Scanned From Pencils)

(Story is monochromatic)

Chris Warner

Cover Artist(s):
Guru eFX
Adam Warren
Jochen Weltjens - 'Joe Weltjens'

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: August 2012
Cover Price: US $ 59.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Hardcover; 656 pages

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None entered.

Empowered (2007) OGN SC vol. 04
Empowered (2007) OGN SC vol. 05
Empowered (2007) OGN SC vol. 06

ISBN 10: 1-59582-865-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-59582-865-1

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An image for Anglerfish exists Anglerfish
Baby Bird
An image for Big Iron exists Big Iron
An image for Blunt Trauma exists Blunt Trauma
An image for Caged Demonwolf exists Caged Demonwolf
An image for Capitan Rivet exists Capitan Rivet
An image for Captain Katana exists Captain Katana
Daisycutter (Empowered)
An image for Deathmonger exists Deathmonger
An image for Demonwolf exists Demonwolf
An image for Divangelic exists Divangelic
An image for DoomSloth exists DoomSloth
An image for dWARf exists dWARf
An image for Valkyrie Eleison exists Valkyrie Eleison
An image for Empowered exists Empowered
An image for Fantasy Flamingo exists Fantasy Flamingo
An image for Fractaloctopus exists Fractaloctopus
An image for Frank (Empowered) exists Frank (Empowered)
An image for Gnumetal exists Gnumetal
Hand Cholo
An image for Hardkore exists Hardkore
Heavy Artillery
An image for Dr. Big McLarge Huge exists Dr. Big McLarge Huge
An image for Imperial Pimpotron Alpha exists Imperial Pimpotron Alpha
Kid Anglerfish
An image for King Size exists King Size
An image for Maidman exists Maidman
  An image for Major Havoc exists Major Havoc
An image for Makro (Empowered) exists Makro (Empowered)
An image for Manny (Empowered) exists Manny (Empowered)
An image for Mechanismo exists Mechanismo
An image for Mindf**k exists Mindf**k
An image for Mother Tongue exists Mother Tongue
An image for Ninjette exists Ninjette
An image for Nurse Foxtrot exists Nurse Foxtrot
Nurse Whiskey
Nurse Yankee
An image for Ocelotina exists Ocelotina
An image for Oyuki-Chan exists Oyuki-Chan
An image for Phallik exists Phallik
An image for Plutonium Blonde exists Plutonium Blonde
An image for Protean exists Protean
An image for Q-Girl exists Q-Girl
An image for Robotomy exists Robotomy
An image for Rubbernecker exists Rubbernecker
An image for Rum, Sodomy and the Lash exists Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
An image for Single Action exists Single Action
An image for Sistah Spooky exists Sistah Spooky
An image for Strapping Buck exists Strapping Buck
Super Dawg
An image for Syndablokk exists Syndablokk
An image for Thugboy exists Thugboy
Tommy Tokamak
An image for Turbobrain exists Turbobrain
An image for Unibrow exists Unibrow
Were-Giraffe By Night
Wet Blanket
An image for Willy Pete exists Willy Pete
An image for wOOt! exists wOOt!
An image for Yummy Mummy exists Yummy Mummy

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  Witless Minions

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