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Deadpool Classic (2008) - TPB vol. 10

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Evan Dorkin
Buddy Scalera
Gail Simone
Daniel Way

UDON Studios
Juan Bobillo
Mitch Breitweiser
Evan Dorkin
Kyle Hotz
Alvin Lee

UDON Studios
Pam Eklund
Kyle Hotz
Alvin Lee
Mark McKenna
Marcelo Sosa

UDON Studios
Chris Chuckry
Alvin Lee
Sue McTiegue
Angelo 'Ang' Tsang

Virtual Calligraphy
Brad K. 'B.K.' Joyce - 'Brad Kirk / Vile'
Cory Petit

Axel Alonso
Mark D. Beazley
Andrew Lis
Michael 'Mike' Marts
Fabian Nicieza
Andy Schmidt
Marc Steven Sumerak

Cover Artist(s):
Alvin Lee

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: 2014
Cover Price: US $ 29.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 272 pages

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None entered.

Agent X (2002) #7
Agent X (2002) #8
Agent X (2002) #9
Agent X (2002) #10
Agent X (2002) #11
Agent X (2002) #12
Agent X (2002) #13
Agent X (2002) #14
Agent X (2002) #15
Fight Man (1993) #1

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Able-Bodied Assassin
An image for Agent X (Marvel)(04 - Alex Hayden) exists Agent X (Marvel)(04 - Alex Hayden)
Atomic Lou
Big Strong Man
Bigger Stronger Man
Biggest Strongest Man
An image for Black Swan (Marvel)(01 - Deadpool villain) exists Black Swan (Marvel)(01 - Deadpool villain)
An image for Sondra Sondra "Sandi" Brandenberg (Marvel)
Crimeasaurus Two
An image for Deadpool (Marvel) exists Deadpool (Marvel)
Elongated Armstrong
An image for Fight-Man exists Fight-Man
Glass-Eye Freddie
Farley Hendrickson
An image for Higashi (Marvel) exists Higashi (Marvel)
Hooded Eye (01 - Unknown)
  Hooded Eye (02 - Kenny Liebman)
Human Wreck
Kid Fight-Man
Beverly LaCoco
An image for Mary Zero exists Mary Zero
Massive Globula
Metalhead (Marvel)
One-Man Atrocity
An image for Outlaw (Marvel)(02 - Inez Temple) exists Outlaw (Marvel)(02 - Inez Temple)
Plug-In Maniac
Arnie Podunk
Polka Doctor
An image for Riot Grrl exists Riot Grrl
Super Mummy
An image for Taskmaster (Marvel) exists Taskmaster (Marvel)
Triggerman Carr
Deborah 'Debra' Walsh

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