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TV Comic (1951) - #875
Polystyle Publications, Ltd.

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Cover Date: September 21 1968
Cover Price: UK £ 0.03

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Important information about the general theory used to calculate a "new money" price for this comic prior to 15 February 1971 (Decimialisation Day) at issue #1.

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Invasion of the Quarks

Roger Noel Cook

John Canning

John Canning

(Unknown Creator)

(Unknown Creator)

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An image for The Doctor (Doctor Who)(02) exists The Doctor (Doctor Who)(02)
An image for Jamie (Doctor Who) exists Jamie (Doctor Who)
An image for Quarks (various) exists Quarks (various)

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The approaching Quark is about discover Jamie and the Doctor hiding behind a crate when, suddenly, it is recalled to the mother ship. The Doctor would breathe a sigh of relief if the reason for the recall weren't so dire: the invasion of Earth is about to commence.

Hastily, the Doctor formulates a plan. He and Jamie enter the landed ship, and close the doors before the Quarks can get back inside. They attempt to blast their way through the door, but are stopped by the impregnability of their own ship.

The Doctor launches the craft, glad of his luck that no Quarks are on board. He pilots the vessel to Earth orbit, where a fleet of Quark ships are standing by. He begins to open fire on the ships, creating confusion. They all decide to retaliate, but before long it's difficult for the Quarks to tell which ships are on which side.

Jamie becomes worried that the Doctor's plan may have worked too well. "Aye", says Jamie, "and we're in the middle of the action . . . How long before we're hit, Doctor?"

This strip points out things about the Quarks that reveal them to be rather weak enemies. First, they apparently leave no one on board their vessels once they land on the planet. The Doctor and Jamie have no difficulties whatsoever at claiming the ship and getting all the way to the bridge without encountering resistance. Also, the individual Quarks have no way to communicate even into low Earth orbit. Once the Doctor takes their ship, they are completely cut off from their orbiting fleet. In their words, "We cannot warn our approaching comrades that our saucer has been captured. The only radios are aboard!"

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