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Superman: Last Son of Earth (2000) - #1
Elseworlds (DC Comics)

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Stephen Ross "Steve" Gerber

Douglas 'Doug' Wheatley

(Scanned From Pencils)

Chris Chuckry

Bob Lappan

Andrew Helfer

Cover Artist(s):
Chris Chuckry
Douglas 'Doug' Wheatley

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: 2000
Cover Price: US $ 5.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Prestige Format

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On a day in 1968, astrophysicist Jonathan Kent sees an asteroid on a collision course with earth on the day his wife, Martha, reveals to him that she is pregnant. Authorities insist that he is wrong about the asteroid's course. Perry White quits his job at the Daily Planet when his boss refuses to allow him to report on it. Kent spends his life savings to rocket Martha and the infant Clark to safety, but Martha refuses to go. The rocket crash lands on Krypton.

On Krypton, Jor-El believes that society has become stagnant. Everyone lives in isolation from one another in biosuits that allow them to live for centuries. He touches the librarian, Lara, on the hand, and that offends her. The two find Clark in the vessel. Lara believes he should be left to die, but Jor-El insists on caring for him in his lab, where he helps Clark to adapt to Krypton's environment.

When one of the Council of Elders succombs the the "Green Plague," Jor-El is given an unexpected promotion, and his marriage to Lara is arranged. Lara accuses him of being a pervert and sensualist who manipulated the selection process. Jor-El announces the existence of his adopted son, whom he calls Kal-El.

Jor-El tries unsuccessfully to convince Kal-El that their ancestors should not have hated themselves for using their clones for spare parts. As a young adult, Kal-El proves interested in archaeology, which Jor-El finds unhealhty, and uses the body suit intended for his survival almost as a toy, flying to remote regions. In a desert mountain, he discovers a Green Lantern Power Ring, and uses it to contain the expansion of Kryptonium, saving the planet from its imminent destruction.

Kal-El is recognized as a hero of his world, but Kal-El questions Jor-El if he is indeed of his world.

Reprinted/Collected in:
DC Premium (2001) HC vol. 06
DC Premium (2001) #6
Superman: Otros Mundos (2013) #2

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