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Werewolf by Night (1972) Omnibus - Comic Book DB

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Werewolf by Night (1972) - Omnibus

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Gerry Conway
Mike Friedrich
Tony Isabella
Bill Mantlo
Doug Moench
Don David Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'
Jean Thomas
Roy Thomas
Len Wein
Marv Wolfman

Ross Andru
Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'
Reed Crandall
Gil Kane
Yong Montano
Don David Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'
Mike Ploog
Virgilio Redondo
Frank Robbins
Werner Roth
Tom F. Sutton - 'TFS / Dementia / Grisly / Sean Todd'

Frank Chiaramonte
Vincent Joseph Colletta - 'Vince / Vinnie / P. Zorito'
Reed Crandall
Steve Gan
Yong Montano
Jim Mooney
Thomas 'Tom' Palmer Sr.
Don David Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'
Howie Perlin
Mike Ploog
Virgilio Redondo
Paul Reinman
Michael W. 'Mike' Royer
Tom F. Sutton - 'TFS / Dementia / Grisly / Sean Todd'
Sal Trapani

Diane Buscema
Janice Cohen
John Costanza
Petra Goldberg
Stan Goldberg - 'Stan G.'
David 'Dave' Hunt
Linda Lessmann - 'Linda Lessmann Reinhold'
Karen Mantlo
Thomas 'Tom' Palmer Sr.
Phil Rachelson - 'Phil Rache'
George Roussos - 'George Bell / T.S. Chu / Sam Kato'
Don Warfield
Glynis Wein
Michele Wolfman

Frank W. Bolle - 'FWB'
Jon Costa
John Costanza
Ray Halloway
David 'Dave' Hunt
Debra James
Charlotte Jetter
Karen Mantlo
Tom Orzechowski - 'Tom Orz'
Marcos Pelayo
Karen Pocock
Sam Rosen
Gaspar Saladino - 'Gaspar'
Art 'Artie' Simek
Jean Simek
Tom F. Sutton - 'TFS / Dementia / Grisly / Sean Todd'

Archie Goodwin
Stan 'The Man' Lee - 'Stanley Martin Lieber'
Don David Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'
Roy Thomas
Len Wein
Marv Wolfman

Cover Artist(s):
Mike Ploog

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: October 2015
Cover Price: US $ 125.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover; 1176 pages

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Werewolf by Night (1972) Omnibus Adams Variant

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An image for Dragonus exists Dragonus
An image for Frank Drake (Marvel) exists Frank Drake (Marvel)
An image for Daniel Drumm (Marvel) exists Daniel Drumm (Marvel)
An image for Eddie (Marvel)(Werewolf by Night) exists Eddie (Marvel)(Werewolf by Night)
An image for Elmo (Marvel) exists Elmo (Marvel)
An image for Mr. Evans exists Mr. Evans
An image for Executioner (Marvel)(05 - Calliope's Circus) exists Executioner (Marvel)(05 - Calliope's Circus)
An image for Father Ramon Joquez exists Father Ramon Joquez
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An image for Frenchie (Marvel) exists Frenchie (Marvel)
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An image for Garth (Marvel)(01) exists Garth (Marvel)(01)
An image for Ghost Rider (Marvel)(02 - Johnny Blaze) exists Ghost Rider (Marvel)(02 - Johnny Blaze)
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An image for Hunchback of Notre Dame (Marvel) exists Hunchback of Notre Dame (Marvel)
An image for Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark) exists Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
An image for John 'J.' Jonah Jameson, Jr. (Marvel) exists John 'J.' Jonah Jameson, Jr. (Marvel)
An image for Edwin Jarvis (Marvel) exists Edwin Jarvis (Marvel)
An image for Jeesala of de Thousand Years exists Jeesala of de Thousand Years
An image for Geraldo Kabal exists Geraldo Kabal
An image for Kaman-Ru exists Kaman-Ru
An image for Joshua Kane exists Joshua Kane
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  An image for Little Man exists Little Man
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An image for Ma Mayhem exists Ma Mayhem
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An image for Belaric Marcosa exists Belaric Marcosa
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An image for Strug exists Strug
An image for Swami Rihva exists Swami Rihva
An image for Taboo (Marvel) (02 - Werewolf by Night Foe) exists Taboo (Marvel) (02 - Werewolf by Night Foe)
An image for Tatterdemalion (Marvel) exists Tatterdemalion (Marvel)
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