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Street Fighter Swimsuit Special (2016) - #1
(Cover B)
UDON Entertainment Corp.

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Jeffrey Cruz - 'Chamba'
Vincenzo Cucca
Steven Cummings
Dax Gordine
Edwin Huang
Gisèle Lagacé - 'Gisèle'
Derek Laufman
Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias - 'Genzoman'
Robert Porter - 'Robaato'
Hans Steinbach - 'Hanzo Steinbach'
Brendon Tapper
Long Vo

Jeffrey Cruz - 'Chamba'
Vincenzo Cucca
Steven Cummings
Dax Gordine
Edwin Huang
Gisèle Lagacé - 'Gisèle'
Derek Laufman
Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias - 'Genzoman'
Robert Porter - 'Robaato'
Hans Steinbach - 'Hanzo Steinbach'
Brendon Tapper
Long Vo

Josh Perez - 'Bee'

Ash Paulsen

Cover Artist(s):
Aki Li

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Search for 'Street Fighter Swimsuit Special' on Amazon

Cover Date: September 2016
Cover Price: US $ 3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 28 pages

This is a version of the following issue:
Street Fighter Swimsuit Special (2016) #1

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An image for Akuma exists Akuma
An image for Alex (Street Fighter) exists Alex (Street Fighter)
An image for Balrog exists Balrog
An image for Birdie (Street Fighter) exists Birdie (Street Fighter)
An image for M. Bison exists M. Bison
An image for Blanka exists Blanka
An image for Cammy exists Cammy
An image for Chun-Li exists Chun-Li
An image for Cody (Street Fighter) exists Cody (Street Fighter)
An image for Crimson Viper exists Crimson Viper
An image for Decapre exists Decapre
An image for Dee Jay exists Dee Jay
An image for Dhalsim exists Dhalsim
An image for Dudley (Street Fighter) exists Dudley (Street Fighter)
An image for Effie exists Effie
An image for Elena (Street Fighter) exists Elena (Street Fighter)
An image for Gen (Street Fighter) exists Gen (Street Fighter)
An image for Maki Genryusai exists Maki Genryusai
An image for Gill (Street Fighter) exists Gill (Street Fighter)
An image for Juri Han exists Juri Han
An image for Dan Hibiki exists Dan Hibiki
An image for Edmond Honda exists Edmond Honda
An image for Hugo (Street Fighter) exists Hugo (Street Fighter)
An image for Ibuki (Street Fighter) exists Ibuki (Street Fighter)
An image for Ingrid (Street Fighter) exists Ingrid (Street Fighter)
  An image for Juli (Street Fighter) exists Juli (Street Fighter)
An image for Juni (Street Fighter) exists Juni (Street Fighter)
An image for Karin Kanzuki exists Karin Kanzuki
An image for Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter) exists Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)
An image for Yang Lee exists Yang Lee
An image for Yun Lee exists Yun Lee
An image for Fei Long exists Fei Long
An image for Lord F.A.N.G. exists Lord F.A.N.G.
An image for Makoto (Street Fighter) exists Makoto (Street Fighter)
An image for Ken Masters (Street Fighter) exists Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
An image for Laura Matsuda exists Laura Matsuda
An image for Sean Matsuda exists Sean Matsuda
An image for Necro (Street Fighter) exists Necro (Street Fighter)
An image for Poison (Street Fighter) exists Poison (Street Fighter)
An image for Rainbow Mika exists Rainbow Mika
An image for Rashid (Street Fighter) exists Rashid (Street Fighter)
An image for Rolento exists Rolento
An image for Rose (Street Fighter) exists Rose (Street Fighter)
An image for Ryu exists Ryu
An image for Sodom (Street Fighter) exists Sodom (Street Fighter)
An image for T. Hawk exists T. Hawk
An image for Urien (Street Fighter) exists Urien (Street Fighter)
An image for Vega (Street Fighter) exists Vega (Street Fighter)
An image for Zangief exists Zangief

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