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The Flash (1959) - #123
"Flash of Two Worlds!" (Legion of Collectors Variant)
DC Comics

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Julius Schwartz

Cover Artist(s):
(Contains Photographic Elements)

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Cover Date: 2016
Cover Price: Free

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 36 pages

This is a version of the following issue:
The Flash (1959) #123 - Flash of Two Worlds!

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None entered.

This issue might well be considered the second part of Showcase #4. It shows that Barry Allen's love of comic books is not just a gimmick, but an actual plot point in the development of his character. In a sense, it has to be The Flash that cracks open the multiverse, not just because of his particular power set, but more importantly because of the nature of the relationship between the two primary Earths. If the adventures of Earth 2 happened in the comic books of Earth 1, then only a known comic book reader, like Barry Allen, could make sense of that world when he encounters it.

Though the story itself is fairly typical Silver Age fare, the implications of this issue are still being felt in the DCU to this day. This issue is really why Barry Allen was chosen to die so heroically in Crisis on Infinite Earths. He ushers in the era of the multiverse with this story; it is only poetically fitting that he should give his life to close it. His sacrifice inspired Superman (I) to finish the battle of the original Crisis to save a world that would've honored that sacrifice--and when the unified Earth appeared to be going down a path that failed to honor what Barry died for, it became a reason for Superman (I) to return in the 2005 Crisis to try to "right" things.

Consequently it is no exaggeration to say that this issue (along with #129 and #137) are absolutely foundational to a solid understanding of the nature of the whole DC universe. Judging by the story lines of 2005, their importance has only increased over time.

In the interests of anal retentiveness, it should be pointed out that, technically, there were other, minor explorations of "alternate earths" prior to this one. Green Arrow and Speedy, for instance, travel to the "Earth of Dimension Zero" in Adventure #232-3 exactly three years before this issue. There, they meet "Xeen Arrow" and eventually find a way to get back to the familiar DCU Earth. What makes the Flash's adventure here so special, however, is that a) it's the subject of an entire comic (as opposed to a minor back-up story), and b) it's clearly a part of a larger narrative thread that would be continued across several titles until eventually creating a "cornerstone" of storytelling in the DCU. Still, it's interesting to note that there were other abortive attempts at telling tales set on alternate Earths prior to this issue.

[The second Earth does not get its name, "Earth 2", here, but will have to wait until its fourth appearance, in JLA, v. 1, #21 for its "official" designation.]

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An image for Fiddler (DC)(01 - Isaac Bowin) exists Fiddler (DC)(01 - Isaac Bowin)
An image for Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick) exists Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
An image for Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen) exists Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
Gardner Fox
  An image for Joan Garrick exists Joan Garrick
An image for Shade (DC) exists Shade (DC)
An image for The Thinker (DC)(01 - Clifford Devoe) exists The Thinker (DC)(01 - Clifford Devoe)
An image for Iris Ann Russell West exists Iris Ann Russell West

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