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Ms. Marvel (1977) - #11
"Day of the Dark Angel!"

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Chris Claremont

Sal Buscema
Frank Giacoia

Frank Giacoia

Glynis Wein

Joe Rosen

Archie Goodwin

Cover Artist(s):
Sal Buscema

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: November 1977
Cover Price: US $ 0.35

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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After weeks of inactivity, Ms. Marvel finally gets the chance to act again when she stops a bank robbery. But the early-morning fight, followed by the need for a change of clothing, makes Carol forty minutes late for work and the day goes downhill from there. Carol is so distracted that she forgets her trip to Cape Canaveral to cover the shuttle launch and Tracy Burke has to remind her.

At Cape Canaveral, Carol reunites with old colleagues she knew from her time working there as security officer, but some of them are cold to her after her space industry tell-all book disgraced a lot of their friends. Not among Carolís detractors is Salia Petrie, acting as command pilot for this shuttle mission, an easy assignment consisting solely of taking supplies and the Cavourite Crystal up to Skylab. Moments after greeting Salia, Carol is struck with a seventh-sense premonition of the shuttle exploding and Salia falling unprotected into the atmosphere. Without more detailed information, though, Carol canít stop the shuttle launch.

After the shuttle takes off, Carol stumbles away, fighting Ms. Marvel in her head as the Kree persona tries to take control. Itís a losing battle and Ms. Marvel flies to the Caribbean island of Saracen Cay, site of a NASA tracking station that Salia was calling in Carolís premonition and also the site of a psychic cry for help.

On the beach, Ms. Marvel is immediately attacked by mystical soldiers that form out of the sand. Superheating them with a borrowed parabolic dish antenna from the tracking station, sheís then attacked by flame and the ocean itself. Fired back onto the beach, she just has time to realize the elements of earth, fire and water are attacking her when she meets the Elementals themselves, accompanied by their master, the Dark Angel Hecate, announcing that theyíre here to retrieve the Ruby Skarab.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Essential Ms. Marvel (2007) TPB vol. 01
Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel (2014) HC vol. 01
Ms. Marvel Epic Collection (2019) TPB vol. 01

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An image for Asp (Marvel)(01 - Rich Harper) exists Asp (Marvel)(01 - Rich Harper)
An image for Theresa  Theresa "Tracy" Burke
An image for Hecate (Marvel)(02 - Olympian) exists Hecate (Marvel)(02 - Olympian)
An image for Hellfire (01 - Elementals) exists Hellfire (01 - Elementals)
An image for Hydron (02 - Elementals) exists Hydron (02 - Elementals)
  An image for Magnum (Elementals) exists Magnum (Elementals)
An image for Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers) exists Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers)
An image for Miles Olddan exists Miles Olddan
Salia Petrie
An image for Zephyr (Elementals) exists Zephyr (Elementals)

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Elementals (Marvel)
  Woman Magazine

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