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Doctor Who Magazine (1979) - #242

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Cover Date: August 28 1996
Cover Price: UK £ 2.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Magazine

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Ground Zero
The Threshold Saga

Scott Gray

Martin Geraghty

Bambos Georgiou - 'Bambos'

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Ace is killed off at the end of this story, becoming only the second televised companion to date to meet her end in the comics. However, unlike the death of Jamie in Doctor Who Monthly #129, this creates a massive continuity problem as far as Ace's death (done before she both an adult and a Time Agent in the pages of the New Adventure Novel line) creates continuity issues in terms of the continuity of the Virgin Novels and the DWM strips.

The story's publication came at the same time Virgin lost the rights to produce Doctor Who novels, subsequently resulting in the end of the "New Adventure" book series. As such, Ace's death can be seen as the writers of the Doctor Who Monthly strip attempting to jetison the close continuity with the now defunct book line, as well as to phase out the character of Ace with the impending transition from the Seventh Doctor to the Eighth Doctor.

Some fans argue that Ace's death may have been a time anomoly of sorts, one that may have been corrected with the publication of the final chapter of the "The Glorious Dead" storyline, some years later. In that Eighth Doctor adventure, Kroton, a companion who was incompletely turned into a Cyberman, sacrificed himself in order to return time to its original course after the timestream was altered. As such, Ace's death was negated, allowing for her to ultimately grow up to become a Time Agent and allow the events of the later New Adventure book series to take place as they originally did. Other fans opt to take a more benign sort of handwave towards the issue: ignoring how Ace was portrayed by the artist in the story in question and place the events of the story after her final appearance in the New Adventures line. Adding to the confusion is the lack of official "Word of God" confirmation towards the canonical nature of said story and said death of Ace. As a result, at worst the story is one that officially fractures the overall unity of non-television Doctor Who material as far as being a divergence point in which the novels and the comic strip split off into their own unreconcilable universes. At best, it is a poorly written story that, much like the death of Jamie, senselessly kills off a companion for the sake of cheap drama and an attempt by the writer in question to try and leave a permenant mark as far as the non-show stories causing a major change to the show's characters via killing them off.

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