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Doctor Who Magazine (1979) - #329
Panini UK

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Cover Date: April 30 2003
Cover Price: UK £ 3.40

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Magazine

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Reprinted/Collected in:
Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004) GN 07

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Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Scott Gray

Roger Langridge

David A Roach

Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge

Clayton Hickman

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Ostensibly mourning the recent departure of Izzy, the Doctor stops into a bar on an unspecified alien world. He's drowning his sorrows in something suitably non-alcoholic when the bartender, Bish, approaches to try to cheer him up.

The Doctor explains how he thinks his life has been sliding out of control, using the rough metaphor of "his job" to obliquely refer to the events that have recently happened in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

He tells Bish that he's considering quitting his job altogether, when out of nowhere a female robot, Zalda, comes into the joint prepared to detonate a suicide bomb because of her jealousy over her lover, Renaldo, who's one of Bish's waiters. In his present state, the Doctor deeply empathizes with her desire to have things stay the same, and therefore manages to talk her down. Saying that the only constant in the universe is change, he disarms the bomb and gets her off to a local robot clinic for some emotional adjustment.

Returning to the bar, the Doctor is hailed as a hero before continuing his conversation with Bith. He's been cheered up a bit by solving Zalda's crisis, and talking further with Bith convinces the Doctor that retirement is unnecessary. He concludes as he bids Bith farewell that he needs a nice, long holiday instead.

After the Doctor leaves, the apparent manager of the bar, Carella, tells Bith how much she hates his body. So Bith obliges her by shape-changing into a penguin. Pleased, Carella embraces him as "her little Frobisher" and the two close up the bar and leave, realizing that they never actually got the name of the guy who just saved their lives.

This story is possibly the only instance in all of Doctor Who fiction where the Doctor meets an ex-companion and neither recognizes the other. Since Frobisher's comings and goings during the Sixth and Seventh Doctor's eras were pretty unexplained, it also usefully puts a definite end time on Frobisher's travels, positively limiting him to having never travelled with the Eighth Doctor.

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