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Invader Zim (2015) - HC vol. 02
"Invader Zim Book 2" (Limited Edition Variant)
Oni Press, Inc.

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Aaron Alexovich - 'Aaron A'
Sarah Andersen
Dave Crosland
KC Green
Danielle Koenig
Megan Lawton
Sam Logan
Ian McGinty
Eric Trueheart
Jhonen Vasquez - 'Chancre Scolex'
Jarrett Williams
Warren Wucinich

Aaron Alexovich - 'Aaron A'
Sarah Andersen
Dave Crosland
KC Green
Megan Lawton
Ian McGinty
Jarrett Williams
Warren Wucinich

Aaron Alexovich - 'Aaron A'
Sarah Andersen
Meaghan Casey
Dave Crossland
KC Green
Megan Lawton
Jarrett Williams
Warren Wucinich

Katy Farina
KC Green
Cassie Kelly
Jeremy Lawson
Megan Lawton
Fred C. Stresing
Warren Wucinich

KC Green
Megan Lawton
Warren Wucinich

Robin Herrera
James Lucas Jones

Cover Artist(s):
Warren Wucinich

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: June 2018
Cover Price: US $ 65.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover

This is a version of the following issue:
Invader Zim (2015) HC vol. 02 - Invader Zim Book 2

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None entered.

Invader Zim (2015) #11
Invader Zim (2015) #12
Invader Zim (2015) #13
Invader Zim (2015) #14
Invader Zim (2015) #15
Invader Zim (2015) #16
Invader Zim (2015) #17
Invader Zim (2015) #18
Invader Zim (2015) #19
Invader Zim (2015) #20

ISBN: 978-1-62010-503-0

Foreword by Sarah Andersen.

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An image for GIR exists GIR
An image for Dib Membrane exists Dib Membrane
An image for Gaz Membrane exists Gaz Membrane
  An image for Recap Kid exists Recap Kid
An image for Zim exists Zim

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