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Astro City (2013) - HC vol. 16
"Broken Melody"
Vertigo (DC Comics)

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Kurt Busiek

Brent Eric Anderson

Brent Eric Anderson

Pete Pantazis
Alex Sinclair - 'Sinc'

James Betancourt - 'Jimmy / Comicraft/JB'
Albert W. Deschesne - 'Comicraft/AD'
Sarah Jacobs

Molly Mahan
Jamie S. Rich
Erika Rothberg
Jeb Woodard

Cover Artist(s):
Alex Ross

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: 2018
Cover Price: US $ 24.99

Issue Tagline:
Astro City's long history is full of strange and mysterious figures, but none so mysterious as The Broken Man. Today, we tell his story...

Format: Color; Hardcover; 176 pages

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None entered.

Astro City (2013) #37
Astro City (2013) #38
Astro City (2013) #41
Astro City (2013) #43
Astro City (2013) #45
Astro City (2013) #46

ISBN: 978-1-4012-8149-6

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An image for All-American (Astro City) exists All-American (Astro City)
An image for Matilda Jane 'Tillie' Armstrong exists Matilda Jane 'Tillie' Armstrong
An image for Black Badge exists Black Badge
An image for Black Rapier, The exists Black Rapier, The
An image for Professor Borzoi exists Professor Borzoi
An image for Bouncing Beatnik exists Bouncing Beatnik
An image for The Broken Man exists The Broken Man
An image for Cleopatra (Astro City)(01 - Sarah Brandes) exists Cleopatra (Astro City)(01 - Sarah Brandes)
An image for Cloak of Night exists Cloak of Night
An image for Confessor (Astro City)(01 - Jeremiah Parrish) exists Confessor (Astro City)(01 - Jeremiah Parrish)
The Convincer
An image for Jim Corvus exists Jim Corvus
An image for Dame Progress exists Dame Progress
An image for Destinť (Astro City) exists Destinť (Astro City)
Jimmy Doolin
El Hombre
El Robo
Ersatz Ed
An image for Hubie Freeman exists Hubie Freeman
Augustus Furst
Julius Furst
Natalie Furst
An image for Nick Furst exists Nick Furst
The Gentleman (Astro City)
Gerald 'Jerry' Greenwald
Grimoire (Astro City)
Halcyon Hippie
An image for Helia exists Helia
An image for Adolf Hitler (general) exists Adolf Hitler (general)
An image for Hummingbird I (Astro City) exists Hummingbird I (Astro City)
An image for Gregor 'Big Hunky' Hussarian exists Gregor 'Big Hunky' Hussarian
An image for Ironhorse, the Human Locomotive exists Ironhorse, the Human Locomotive
An image for Jack-in-the-Box (Astro City)(01 - Jack Johnson) exists Jack-in-the-Box (Astro City)(01 - Jack Johnson)
An image for Jack-in-the-Box (Astro City)(02 - Zachary Johnson) exists Jack-in-the-Box (Astro City)(02 - Zachary Johnson)
  An image for Jazzbaby exists Jazzbaby
Johnny Homicide
Juice (Astro City)
An image for Lamplighter (Astro City) exists Lamplighter (Astro City)
The Lion (Astro City)(02-male)
Little Miss Muffet (Astro City)
An image for Loony Leo exists Loony Leo
An image for Lord Saampa exists Lord Saampa
An image for M.P.H. exists M.P.H.
Simon Magus (Astro City)
An image for Max O'Millions exists Max O'Millions
An image for Mister Cakewalk exists Mister Cakewalk
An image for Judy Moonbeam exists Judy Moonbeam
An image for Joe Moore exists Joe Moore
An image for N-Forcer exists N-Forcer
An image for Old Soldier (Astro City) exists Old Soldier (Astro City)
The Oubor
An image for Rex (Astro City) exists Rex (Astro City)
Ruby (Astro City)
An image for Samaritan (Astro City) exists Samaritan (Astro City)
An image for Silver Agent, The exists Silver Agent, The
An image for Silverstring exists Silverstring
Slugger, the Junior Dynamo
An image for Starfighter exists Starfighter
An image for Starwoman (Astro City) exists Starwoman (Astro City)
Stray (Astro City)(01)
An image for Caleb Tarrant exists Caleb Tarrant
An image for Thunderhead (Astro City) exists Thunderhead (Astro City)
Tom O'Bedlam
The Trumpeter
The Unicorn (Astro City)(02-female)
An image for Carlotta Valdez (Astro City) exists Carlotta Valdez (Astro City)
Vapor (Astro City)
Yankee Sheikh
Young Gentleman

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