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Star Wars: Boba Fett - Twin Engines of Destruction (1997) - One-shot
"Twin Engines of Destruction"
Dark Horse Comics

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Andy Mangels

John Nadeau

Jordi Ensign

Cary Porter

Michael Taylor

Peet Janes

Cover Artist(s):
John Nadeau

Rating (out of 10):
from 5 votes

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Search for 'Star Wars: Boba Fett - Twin Engines of Destruction' on Amazon

Cover Date: January 1997
Cover Price: US $ 2.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Boba Fett is the most feared, most respected bounty hunter in the galaxy. He only cares about two things: his money and his reputation. So when he discovers someone has been impersonating him, he decides to teach his inferior doppelganger exactly why he's the most feared, most respected bounty hunter in the galaxy! It's Boba Fett vs. Boba Fett in this 32-page one-shot -- a fight you won't want to miss! Twin Engines of Destruction was originally serialized in the pages of Topps' Star Wars Galaxy magazine (issues 5-8).

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994) #5
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994) #6
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994) #7
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994) #8

Reprinted/Collected in:
Gwiezdne Wojny Komiks (1999) #1
Star Wars [FIN] (1999) 2001-02
Star Wars [FIN] (1999) 2001-03
Star Wars Legends: The New Republic - Epic Collection (2015) TPB vol. 01
Star Wars Master Series (2012) #8
Star Wars Omnibus (2006) Omnibus TPB vol. 12
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters (1999) TPB

5 years after ANH.

In true Lucasian fashion, this straggling one-shot was published after the Boba Fett books of the previous year--but the story takes place before.

In an unscientific poll of more than 200,000 Star Wars fans worldwide, this issue received 17% of the votes cast for the category of Best Individual Comic Book. That poll was done in 1997, and was the largest of its kind at the time. That might seem a relatively small number, but it was a full 6% more than its nearest rival, Dark Empire #1.

Thus, we might say, looking back, that it was the voted best individual Star Wars comic, just prior to the release of the prequels.

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An image for Dengar exists Dengar
An image for Boba Fett exists Boba Fett
  Jodo Kast

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