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Cage (1992) - #9
"Good Cop, Bad Cop"

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Marcus 'Marc' McLaurin

Rurik Tyler - 'Madman'

Josef 'Joe' Rubinstein

Mike Thomas

Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'

Kelly P. Corvese

Cover Artist(s):
Christopher 'Chris' Ivy
Dwayne Turner

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: December 1992
Cover Price: US $ 1.25

Issue Tagline: Rhino: Out of the Vault--Into the Cage

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Letters Column: Out Of The Cage

Two Guardsmen die when the Rhino breaks out of a prison convoy on its way to the Vault. One of the surviving Guardsmen, Ravello, tells his story to the Chicago newspaper the American Spectator. He then appeals for the aid of their employee, Luke Cage, in capturing the Rhino. But Cage has more important things to attend to.
He meets his ward Troop at the cemetary to attempt an apology for not preventing the death of Troop's brother. Troop runs off in anger and Cage's friend Melva suggests that Cage may not be the best caretaker for Troop. Angered and frustrated at his failure, Cage calls the Guardsmen Ravello and Pascal. He agrees to help hunt down the Rhino.
Elsewhere, in New York, Iron Fist is searching for his old friend. He comes across a copy of the American Spectator with Cage's face on the front page and plans for a trip to Chicago.
That night, the Rhino is searching a Chicago trainyard for his missing armor. He ambushes a guard only to find that it is Cage in disguise. They fight. Ravello and Pascal have been playing cards with two other Guardsmen watching after the Rhino's armor. When the Rhino and Cage begin thier brawl, Ravello and Pascal knock out the Guardsmen and take their armor. They head out to the trainyard to apprehend the Rhino but attack Cage by mistake. The Rhino attacks, temporarily incapacitating the Guardsmen. He tells Cage that Pascal was the one that had caused the convoy accident. Pascal's goading of the prisoners led to a confontation in which Pascal killed a prisoner and then killed one of his fellow Guardsmen who stopped Pascal from killing the Rhino. While the Rhino flees the scene, Pascal kills Ravello to prevent his secret from getting out. The police arrive at the trainyard and Pascal pins the whole thing on Cage. Cage flees under a flurry of gunfire.
At the Mount, Delphi of the Pantheon warns their newest member the Hulk of a coming conflict involving himself, the Punisher and an "uncaged power". The Hulk heads to Chicago to investigate.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Cage (1992) TPB vol. 01

Tyler and Rubenstein are credited as Guest Penciller and Guest Inker.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Achilles (Marvel)(02 - Helmut) exists Achilles (Marvel)(02 - Helmut)
Daryl 'Troop' Andrews
An image for Luke Cage (Marvel) exists Luke Cage (Marvel)
An image for Delphi (Marvel)(01 - Pantheon) exists Delphi (Marvel)(01 - Pantheon)
An image for Jeryn Hogarth (Marvel) exists Jeryn Hogarth (Marvel)
  An image for Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner) exists Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
An image for Iron Fist (Marvel)(01 - Daniel Rand) exists Iron Fist (Marvel)(01 - Daniel Rand)
Analisa Marisol Soto Medina
An image for Rhino (Marvel)(01 - Aleksei Sytsevich) exists Rhino (Marvel)(01 - Aleksei Sytsevich)

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Guardsmen (Marvel)

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