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Prelude to Infinite Crisis (2005) - One-Shot
DC Comics

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Marc Andreyko
John Arcudi
Andy Diggle
Robert 'Bob' Harras
Geoff Johns
Jeremy Johns
Joseph "Jeph" Loeb III
Greg Rucka
Gail Simone
Bill Willingham
Judd Winick

Marlo Alquiza
Ian Churchill
Carlos D'Anda
Jim Fern - 'James Bosch'
Pasqual Ferry - 'Pasqual Ferrandiz / Pascual / Pascal / Paschalis'
Alejandro Garza - 'Alé Garza'
Patrick "Pat" Gleason
Drew Edward Johnson
Don Kramer
Marcos Martin
Ed James McGuinness
Mike McKone
Shawn Moll
Rags Morales - 'Ralph Morales'
Norm Rapmund
Josue Rivera - 'Justiniano'
Jesus Saiz
Damion Scott
Trevor Scott
Ethan Van Sciver

Christian Alamy
Keith C. Champagne
Kevin Conrad
John Dell III
Sandra Hope-Archer
John Livesay
Álvaro López
Jimmy Palmiotti
Mark Propst
Prentis Rollins
Ray Snyder
Lary Stucker
Dexter Vines
Walden Wong

Sno-Cone Studios
W. Moose Baumann
Steve Buccellato - 'Bucce'
Jeromy Cox
Nathan Eyring
Richard Horie - 'RMH'
Tanya Horie
John Kalisz
Guy Major
Dave McCaig
Javier Rodriguez
James R. Sinclair - 'Jim'
Beth Sotelo
Dave Stewart

Phil Balsman
Patrick Brosseau - 'Pat'
Matthew Clark
Jared K. Fletcher
Todd Klein
Rob Leigh
Ken Lopez
Nick J. Napolitano
Clem Robins
Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'

Eddie Berganza
Joey Cavalieri
Ivan Cohen
Joan Hilty
Matt Idelson
Bob Schreck
Peter J. Tomasi
Stephen Wacker
Michael Wright

Cover Artist(s):
Ian Churchill
Ed James McGuinness
Norm Rapmund
Beth Sotelo
Dave Stewart
Dexter Vines

Rating (out of 10):
from 9 votes

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Search for 'Prelude to Infinite Crisis' on Amazon

Cover Date: June 2005
Cover Price: US $ 5.99

Issue Tagline: A roadmap to people, places and events leading up to the cataclysmic events of 2005!

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 98 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
Day of Vengeance
Identity Crisis (DC)
Infinite Crisis
Rann-Thanagar War
The OMAC Project
Villains United

None entered.

The Flash (1987) #219
Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004 (2004) #1
Wonder Woman (1987) #214

Introduction by Dan Didio

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Aphrodite (DC) (02 - Post-Crisis) exists Aphrodite (DC) (02 - Post-Crisis)
An image for Aquaman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01-Arthur 'Orin' Curry) exists Aquaman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01-Arthur 'Orin' Curry)
An image for Ares (DC)(Post-Crisis) exists Ares (DC)(Post-Crisis)
Pallas Athena (DC)(02 - post-Crisis)
An image for Black Canary (DC)(02 - Dinah Laurel Lance) exists Black Canary (DC)(02 - Dinah Laurel Lance)
An image for Captain Boomerang (DC)(02 - Owen Mercer) exists Captain Boomerang (DC)(02 - Owen Mercer)
An image for Captain Cold (DC) exists Captain Cold (DC)
An image for Cheetah (DC)(01 - Priscilla Rich) exists Cheetah (DC)(01 - Priscilla Rich)
An image for Cheetah (DC)(03 - Barbara Minerva) exists Cheetah (DC)(03 - Barbara Minerva)
An image for Doctor Psycho (DC)(Post Crisis) exists Doctor Psycho (DC)(Post Crisis)
An image for Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen) exists Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
An image for Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West) exists Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West)
An image for Giganta (DC) (01 - Doris Zeul) exists Giganta (DC) (01 - Doris Zeul)
  An image for Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan) exists Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan)
Hephaestus (DC) (02 - Post-Crisis)
Io (01 - Amazon)
An image for Kid Flash (DC)(01 - Wally West) exists Kid Flash (DC)(01 - Wally West)
An image for Mirror Master (03 - Evan McCullough) exists Mirror Master (03 - Evan McCullough)
An image for Linda Jasmine Park-West exists Linda Jasmine Park-West
The Turtle (Post-Crisis)
An image for Weather Wizard exists Weather Wizard
An image for Warden Gregory Wolfe exists Warden Gregory Wolfe
An image for Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Diana) exists Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Diana)
An image for Ashley Zolomon exists Ashley Zolomon
An image for Zoom exists Zoom

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