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ElfQuest (1978) - #20
"Quest's End Part 2"
WaRP Graphics

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Richard Pini
Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini

Wendy Pini

(Story is monochromatic)

Wendy Pini

Richard Pini

Cover Artist(s):
Wendy Pini

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: October 1984
Cover Price: US $ 1.50

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Magazine; 40 pages

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They've won. The palace is won. One of the wolves slinks through Rayek's hard-fought opening toward the castle, Nightfall goes to fetch her lovemate and the children while Cutter and several of the others go to retrieve Leetah.

Nightfall finds the GoBack lodge littered with troll bodies, Dewshine's Trollhammer dead and Redlance catatonic. She deep-sends with him, using the knowledge that he holds her soulname to delve past the trauma and twine her soulname with his--Lifemates, recognition be-damned.

Leetah has cut One-Eye free from the wrapstuff and healed his body, but his spirit has fled, and feel deeply ashamed at the abuse of her healing gift.

The elves all converge on the opening Rayek has forced leading to the Palace of the High Ones carrying One-Eye's breathing husk. They see a wolf writhing outside the metal shell the Trolls were building around the palace and are all shocked when she shifts form and the WolfRiders recognize Timmain, mother of their race.

Rayek flies over the shell, leaving the rest of the elves to ponder how they can gain entrance to the Palace when the Holt Trolls arrive to contrive an opening so the Elves can see that the Palace is just a wreck and leave.

Timmain, with Rayek's help, sets Petalwing on its way to open the chamber of Srolls, but the High One who operated the Scroll of Colors has died in a damaged cocoon so Timmain has Petalwing encase her in wrapstuff and tells the true tale of where the Elves came from and how they came to be trapped on a planet where their powers don't work well--that the "dig-dig" trolls are responsible does not come as a surprise to the GoBacks. Locksending the story with Suntop narrating aloud the far-away tribes of SunFolk and Gliders get to learn the story as well, even as Rainsong gives birth to the new healer Mender.

Deciding that the Palace is theirs, the WolfRiders head off to find a green place to live, the Go Backs head back to their lodge and Rayek, Ekuar and Skywise stay to study the Palace and its secrets.

Before too long Skywise rejoins the WolfRiders -- apparently the Palace has not windows or skylights because he couldn't see the stars.

The Quest is Ended.

Reprinted/Collected in:
The Complete Elfquest (2014) TPB vol. 01
ElfQuest (1985) #31
ElfQuest (1985) #32
ElfQuest (Starblaze Edition) (1981) TPB vol. 04
ElfQuest Archives (2004) HC vol. 04
Elfquest Reader's Collection (1998) #4
ElfQuest: Graphic Novel Series (1993) HC vol. 04
Elfquest: The Grand Quest (2004) TPB vol. 06

Black and White magazine ; approximately 8.5 by 11 in size

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An image for Ahdri exists Ahdri
An image for Clearbrook exists Clearbrook
An image for Cutter Kinseeker exists Cutter Kinseeker
An image for Dart (Dyrr, EQ) exists Dart (Dyrr, EQ)
An image for Dewshine exists Dewshine
An image for Ember (ElfQuest) exists Ember (ElfQuest)
An image for Kahvi exists Kahvi
An image for Leetah exists Leetah
An image for Moonshade (ElfQuest) exists Moonshade (ElfQuest)
An image for Mother of Memory exists Mother of Memory
An image for Newstar exists Newstar
An image for Nightfall (Elfquest) exists Nightfall (Elfquest)
An image for Old Maggoty exists Old Maggoty
An image for One-Eye (ElfQuest) exists One-Eye (ElfQuest)
  An image for Picknose exists Picknose
An image for Pike (ElfQuest) exists Pike (ElfQuest)
An image for Rainsong exists Rainsong
An image for Rayek exists Rayek
An image for Redlance exists Redlance
An image for Scouter exists Scouter
An image for Shen-shen exists Shen-shen
Skot (ElfQuest)
An image for Skywise exists Skywise
An image for Strongbow (ElfQuest) exists Strongbow (ElfQuest)
An image for Sun-Toucher exists Sun-Toucher
An image for Suntop exists Suntop
Timmain Shape-Changer
An image for Treestump exists Treestump
An image for Wing (ElfQuest) exists Wing (ElfQuest)
An image for Winnowill exists Winnowill
An image for Woodlock exists Woodlock

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