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Challengers of the Unknown (1958) - #4
"The Wizard of Time"
DC Comics

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Jack 'King' Kirby

Jack 'King' Kirby

Wallace 'Wally' Wood

(Unknown Creator)

(Unknown Creator)

Jack Schiff

Cover Artist(s):
Jack 'King' Kirby

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: Oct/Nov 1958
Cover Price: US $ 0.10

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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An airplane is stolen by ancient Greek soldiers. One is captured and the Challengers brought in. He's from Ancient Greece! and wants to return to the Island of the Wizard. The Challengers fly there and meet an opportunist named Darius Tiko who experiments with time travel. He disappears in a time cube. The Challengers follow in a smaller model. To ancient Greece. A fight proves fruitless. Rocky smokes a cigar and terrifies the warriors. Ace and Rocky grab a chariot and barrel away to the missing plane. They fly, but the plane leaks oil and they crash in flames - giving birth to the legend of Phaeton who rode across the sun! Meanwhile, Prof and Red went in Ancient Egypt, and end up slaves building a pyramid. They buffalo the locals, escape, and rescue Ace and Rocky from an army of Greeks. Ace deduces Tiko visited oracles to predict the future. Time-tripping to the 15th Century, the Challengers interview Nostradamus. Yes, Tiko took notes and set his time cube for 3,000 AD! Journeying to the future, the Challengers catch Tiko loading up on futuristic weapons and inventions. Tiko plans to conquer the 20th Century! All get nailed by the United Earth Police, who take them to "the judge", a robot mind-reader that pronounces the Challengers innocent and Tiko guilty. Deported to the past, (with one side trip: see Notes), the Challengers and Tiko escape the island just as the booby-trapped time cube explodes in a fireball!

Reprinted/Collected in:
Challengers of the Unknown Archives (2003) HC vol. 02
Challengers of the Unknown By Jack Kirby (2012) HC
Challengers of the Unknown By Jack Kirby (2012) TPB
Jack Kirby Anthologie (2012) HC
Showcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown (2006) TPB vol. 01
Super DC Giant (1970) S-25

Adventures of Superman (1987) #508 takes place between the panels of this issue.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Leslie 'Rocky' Davis
Walter Mark 'Prof' Haley
An image for Kyle  'Ace' Morgan exists Kyle 'Ace' Morgan
  Matthew 'Red' Ryan
Darius Tiko

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Challengers of the Unknown (DC)

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