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Civil Wardrobe (2006) - #1
Brain Scan Studios

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Rich Johnston

Kaare Kyle Andrews
Edmund Bagwell
Marc Deering
Sam Hart
Fred G. Hembeck
Ed Hillyer - 'Ilya'
Frazer Alex Irving
Rich Johnston
Bevis Musson
Thomas Paul Nachlik - 'Tomek'
Michael Netzer - 'Mike Nasser'
Billy Dallas Patton
Darick Robertson
Natalie Sandells
Dietrich O. Smith
Mark Stafford
Ashley 'Ash' Wood

Marc Deering

(Story is monochromatic)

Thomas Mauer

Thomas Mauer

Cover Artist(s):
Mark Stafford

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: October 2006
Cover Price: US $ 3.50

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Black & White; Standard Comic Issue; 22 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

As The Old Fanboy Warriors die in an explosion and the battle over the Deconstruction Act begins, so some very familiar figures are redesigned, revamped and reconstructed, from Spider-Mart to Osama Bin Hulk. Joe Quesada has officially not objected to the publication of this parody one-shot. And there is no Mike Turner variant cover. Sorry.

Since only 5 pencilers fit, here's the complete list of artists in chronological order:

* Rich Johnston (pages 1-5, 21-22, inside front cover)
* Fred Hembeck (Captain American Idol)
* Kaare Andrews (Osama Bin Hulk)
* Billy Dallas Patton & Marc Deering (Spider-Mart)
* Bagwell (Captain Beckham)
* Ilya (Brokeback Mutant)
* Mike Netzer (Thor of Scientology)
* Ashley Wood (Deaddevil)
* Darick Robertson (Nick Fury, Bad Transvestite of SHIELD)
* Natalie Sandells (Fantastic Foursome)
* Thomas Nachlik (The Probation Officer)
* Sam Hart (Black Panda)
* Bevis Musson (Jailbait Avengers)
* Dietrich Smith (white Flight)
* Frazer Irving (Iron Manufacturer)

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