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Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (1986) - #90
"Force of Nature, The Elemental War Part 1"
DC Comics

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John Ostrander

Tom Mandrake

Tom Mandrake

Duncan Andrews

Nansi Hoolahan

Dan Raspler

Cover Artist(s):
Bill Cucinotta
Tom Mandrake

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: October 1989
Cover Price: US $ 1.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
The Elemental War

Aboard her sailboat, the Naiad, radical environmentalist Mai Miyazaki shouts provocations through a megaphone at a rig owned by Shogun Oil off the coast of Alaska, which she has been shouting before and after an accident occurred, causing the entire rig to be evacuated save for one executive and one crewman. On the executive's orders, the crewman shoots Miyazaki with a flare gun, burning her boat and leaving a burning Miyazaki to jump into the ocean as the two flee in the last helicopter. The spirit of the Earth comes to Miyazaki and transforms her into a water elemental, and Miyazaki, in a new form, emerges destroying the helicopter and the rig, only to be pained with the burns of fire.

Firestorm returns to the crater where the mildy precognitive Gregori Rasputin waits for him. Firestorm is torn between his human and elemental selves. Reasputin tells him that he is intended to have two natures in balance, so Firestorm visits Ronnie Raymond's parents and Mikhail Arkadin's wife and child, then assists in putting out a California brushfire by absorbing the flames into himself. Firstrom tells the firefighters to tell the authorities that he has decided that he is mankind's friend. They then get alerted to the Alaska incident via radio and send him.

Firestorm finds Miyazaki now calling herself Naiad and seeking to destroy all that is fire.

In East Africa, Swamp Thing finds sub-molecular warping to the Green that must be dealt with...

"This issue takes place after Swamp Thing #92."

Logo design by Bill Cucinotta

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Nina Arkadin
An image for Firestorm (DC)(03 - Svarozhich/Raymond/Arkadin) exists Firestorm (DC)(03 - Svarozhich/Raymond/Arkadin)
Maya (DC) (04 - Earth)
An image for Naiad (02 - Mai Miyazaki) exists Naiad (02 - Mai Miyazaki)
  Gregori Eilovotich Rasputin
Edward Raymond (DC)
Felicity Smoak Raymond
An image for Swamp Thing (05 - 'Alec Holland') exists Swamp Thing (05 - 'Alec Holland')

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