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Femforce (1985) - #1
AC Comics

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Rebekah Black

Bill Black

Cover Artist(s):
Bill Black
Mark G. Heike

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: 1985
Cover Price: US $ 1.75

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Letters Column: Time Lines

Responding to Rio Rita's distress call, Ms. Victory and She-Cat head for the Amazon jungle to locate Rita Farrar (Rita's granddaughter) and inventor Carlos Jimenez. They are accompanied by jungle girl Tara Fremont and by Laura Wright, who temporarily limits her powers to those of the Blue Bulleteer. In the jungle, the team battles prehistoric creatures and a band of giant Amazon warrriors. These women now worship Jimenez's time machine as a god, into whose portal they sacrifice Rita. Later, when the FF track down Jimenez in the FF track down Jimenez in the Amazon City, they are confronted by Queen Arachna, who has made Jimenez her consort. Meanwhile, a hideously deformed criminal name Rip Jaw is also tracking down the device, planning to use it to prevent the incident in the past that turned him into a freak.

Tara assumes permanent duty with the FF, even though she is not made an official member for some time...Personality conflicts are quickly established with She-Cat's resentment of both Tara and Laura...Jimenez and Rip Jaw's gang seem to be the only ones who know Jimenez's device is a time tranporter...FF's ongoing youth is a mystery to Tara...She-Cat's name is revealed in FF9;Rip Jaw's name is revealed in FF2 (1)...Costumes: BB wears boots instead of 40's style pumps; Ms. V sheds her cape and wears short sleeves with open shoulders...Amazons are later revealed to be aliens in FF43(1)...Rita appears only on the communicator talking to Ms V...Laura is officially reinstated as a Femforce member...tara learns Ms. Victory's and Blue Bulleteer's identities in this story and learns the secret of Joan's V-47 drug sometime between this story and FF6 (1).

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Rita Farrar
Carlos Jimenez
Ms. Victory (AC Comics)
An image for Nightveil exists Nightveil
Queen Arachna
Rip Jaw
  Rio Rita
Satch (AC Comics)
An image for She-Cat exists She-Cat
An image for Tara (Femforce) exists Tara (Femforce)
Wallow (AC Comics)

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"Trek for the Time Twister!" - Edit this story

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Bill Black

Mark G. Heike

Bill Black
Mark G. Heike

J. Walter 'Walt' Paisley

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"Colt: The Menace of Montague Moon" - Edit this story

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Don Secrease

Don Secrease

Kevin Dzuban

Bob Pinaha

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this story
An image for Colt (Femforce) exists Colt (Femforce)
Copemicus (AC Comics)
Montague M. Moon
Tycho (Ac Comics)

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Professor Dawson, a researcher at Moffot Chemicals,tells Colt andFBI agent Roy Lassiter that his life has been threatened by a bizarre-looking scientist named Montague Moon. The killer has ordered Dawson to steal for him the formula but quickly realizes it is a fraud, as is the Dawnson that delivered it. He unmasks Lassiter and captures him, bringing Colt out of hiding so surrender as well. Moon puts the two into an atrificial moon, planning to sufocate them, but Colt engineers an escape with explosives hidden on her costume. The pair track down Moon at Moffot Chemicals and capture two of his henchmen. Moon himself escapes and begins plotting his revenge.

Moon's disfigurement is shown to be a tragic accident for which his twisted mind fixed blame on his three former collaberators, resulting in their deaths.

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