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Femforce (1985) - #3
AC Comics

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Rebekah Black

Bill Black

Cover Artist(s):
Bill Black
Mark G. Heike

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Cover Date: 1985
Cover Price: US $ 1.75

Issue Tagline: Skin Game!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Letters Column: Time Lines

Back in her Everglades sanctuary, Nightveil ponders her return to the outside world while Ms.Victory and She-Cat accept Tara's invitation to unwind on Jungle Island after their Amazon adventure. On their arrival, Janis tells Tara that some of the island's big cats have been poached. Unknown to them, the poacher is Randall Crowley, a young Oceanus One scientist who has fled the undersea Utopia with stolen equipment, to the dismay of Comm. Faraday, Captain Freedom, and Crowley's girlfriend Riot O'Rourke. The O-1 personnel know Crowley is acting on the whims of TV personality Stella Stargaze, but can't understand why. Meanwhile, Crowley's activities in Jungle Island's subterranean caverns have been detected, and the team splits up to investigate. Ms. V and Janis are attacked in the lagoon by a giant squid that overpowers Ms. V as the V-47 drug wears off. Joan is rescued by Captain Freedom and taken aboard his sub as Tara and She-Cat fight Crowley's gang in the caverns. Tara hangs onto Crowley's sub as he tries to escape, and the two are drawn into the maw of the giant squid.

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An image for Ms. Victory (AC Comics) exists Ms. Victory (AC Comics)
An image for Nightveil (AC Comics) exists Nightveil (AC Comics)
Riot O'Rourke
  An image for She-Cat exists She-Cat
An image for Stella Stargaze exists Stella Stargaze
An image for Tara (Femforce) exists Tara (Femforce)

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"Femforce" - Edit this story

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Bill Black

Bill Black
Mark G. Heike
Mark Propst

Bill Black

J. Walter 'Walt' Paisley

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"Moon's Mind Masquerade" - Edit this story

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Rick Burchett
Paul Daly

Rick Burchett

Rick Burchett

(Unknown Creator)

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An image for Colt (Femforce) exists Colt (Femforce)
Montague M. Moon

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Montague Moon is back and he plots to destroy Colt by having her creators killed in his artificial dream-hypnosis machine.Paul Daly, Rick Burchett and Bill Black are all menaced, but finally saved by Colt, in there own dreams.

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