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TV Comic Annual (1951) - 1979
TV Publications, Ltd.

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Cover Date: Annual 1979
Cover Price: UK £ 0.35

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover

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None entered.

Price is currently unknown. The price given above is a total guess, based upon a reasonable extrapolation from the price of individual issues of TV Comic in this era. Because the database doesn't allow the entry of an issue without setting a price, a guess was required just to get this issue listed.

Though nothing on the cover of this issue indicates it, there is a Doctor Who comic strip once again in the pages of this TV Comic Annual. This issue marks the final appearance of Doctor Who in this publication.

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The Sea Devil

(Unknown Creator)

(Unknown Creator)

(Unknown Creator)

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An image for The Doctor (Doctor Who)(04) exists The Doctor (Doctor Who)(04)
Miss Young

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This story is basically an "homage" to the televised adventure, "The Seeds of Doom" which borders on outright theft. A meteorite lands in the North Sea, carrying inside it a radiative effect. This effect begins to mutate the seaweed and threaten a nearby oil rig. Judging the mutated seaweed too dangerous to Earth's ecosystem, the Doctor enlists the aid of the military to start a massive explosion which consumes the creature and makes the Earth safe again.

This story is a bit of an historic one in the history of Doctor Who comics. It was the final wholly original adventure prior to Marvel's acquisition of the comic rights to the character. Although TV Comic would continue to publish Doctor Who strips for a few months after the release of this issue, all of the material that followed was merely a Third Doctor story recycled to feature the Fourth Doctor.

Therefore, any original elements in this story are therefore the final creations of the pre-Marvel era. Chief amongst these is Miss Young, the companion for the adventure. She was never seen before or after, meaning she never even got a first name.

Despite the story's name, this adventure has nothing to do with the classic Doctor Who monsters, the Sea Devils or the Silurians.

The story is anachronistic in that it heavily features Bessie, the Third Doctor's car. Given that the story appeared in print during the Leela era on television, he wouldn't have used this vehicle for about three years on TV. In fact, the Fourth Doctor only used this car in his first televised adventure, "Robot".

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