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Dark Shadows: Book Three (1993) - #1
"A Motion and a Spirit"

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Scott Rockwell

Felipe J Echevarria

Felipe J Echevarria

Felipe J Echevarria

Vickie Williams

David Campiti
Scott Rockwell

Cover Artist(s):
Héctor C. Gómez

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: November 1993
Cover Price: US $ 2.50

Issue Tagline: Visits and Visitations

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 36 pages

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A funeral is being held for a young girl named Robin. The ghost of Sarah Collins appears and pays witness to the somber spectacle.

Elsewhere, Maggie Evans is conducting a tarot card reading for Carolyn Stoddard. Carolyn wants Maggie to use her talents with the Tarot to reveal secrets concerning Barnabas Collins. But Maggie’s results, if any, prove inconclusive.

Maggie then goes to visit an old friend of hers, Granny Whitlock. She brings her a bottle of wine. Granny sits in her small house all day whittling wooden dolls. After Maggie leaves, one of Granny’s dolls begins speaking to her. The old woman falls to the floor unconscious and the ghost of Sarah Collins appears once again.

Out by Widow's Hill, Barnabas and Vickie Winters go for a stroll on the beach. After they are done, Barnabas converses with Julia Hoffman. Julia is pleased that Barnabas’ body has taken so well to her treatments. He can eat food again, make use of toiletries and even go out in the sunlight (for limited exposure only). But Barnabas is still frustrated over the fact that he must continuously endure these treatments.

Later, the ghost of Sarah Collins makes two more visitations. The first is to see her friend, David, and the second is to visit the ghost of Robin, the young girl who had recently died.

Dark Shadows: Book Three was originally intended as a four-issue limited series, following up on storylines presented in Dark Shadows: Book One and Two. However, Innovation Comics went out of business before the series could be completed, and only one issue of the title was published.

This story takes place in the year 1991 shortly after the full run of the Dark Shadows revival series.

The cover of this issue features five tarot cards:

The Tower of Destruction - (Collinwood)
Death - (Sarah Collins and David Collins)
The Lovers - (Barnabas Collins and Victoria Winters)
The Devil - (Angelique Bouchard Collins)
The Fool - (Willie Loomis)

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Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
An image for Barnabas Collins exists Barnabas Collins
  Willie Loomis
Victoria Winters

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