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TekWorld (1992) - #14
"Attack of the Zombies"
Epic Comics (Marvel)

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Ron Goulart - 'Frank S. Shawn'

Richard Alan Suchy - 'Rich Suchy'

John Stanisci

Mike Worley

Pat Brosseau

Fabian Nicieza

Cover Artist(s):
Lee Sullivan

Rating (out of 10):

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Searching: TekWorld 14
Tekworld (1992) #14 NMTekworld (1992) #14 NM$1.45
1994 William Shatner's Tek World #14 Moonbase I1994 William Shatner's Tek World #14 Moonbase I$1.50
WILLIAM SHATNER'S TEKWORLD #14 Near Mint Comics BookWILLIAM SHATNER'S TEKWORLD #14 Near Mint Comics Book$2.00
WILLIAM SHATNER'S TEKWORLD #14 Very Good Comics BookWILLIAM SHATNER'S TEKWORLD #14 Very Good Comics Book$1.25
Tek world  14  NMTek world 14 NM$4.35


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Cover Date: October 1993
Cover Price: US $ 1.75

Issue Tagline: I was a tekage zombie!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 22 pages

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Letters Column: Tek Words

Jake manages to avoid death, and his attacker then dies mysteriously. Beth shows up, having heard the commotion, and is followed by the Police who initially want to arrest Jake for his attacker's murder. The police discover a parasite control disk on the attacker, and explain how it's used by Tek dealers to control random individuals to become assassins. Cosmos is contracted by an individual to find the person responsible for directing a zombie to kill her son. Jake follows a lead, only to find that it's a trap armed with a kamikaze android. Sid comes to the rescue, and he and Jake pursue info elsewhere, learning about a meeting at The Casino. Beth calls with more info on the parasite disk, revealing that three other deaths were related to their main lead--Dr. Gordon Chesterton. At Jake's place, Jake receives a call from his son, informing him that Kate--his ex wife--is in the hospital, and she's dying.

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