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Shadow Riders (1993) - #3
"Destructive Infinity"
Marvel UK (Marvel)

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John Freeman
Brian Williamson

Ross Dearsley

Ross Dearsley

Euan Peters

Pat Prentice

Stuart Bartlett
Paul Neary

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Cover Date: August 1993
Cover Price: US $ 1.25

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Opening with a nightmarish dream sequence as Matt Ryan faces inner demons, we cut to the devastated world of The Arena, used by the Warheads for weapons practice on a huge scale - to the extent that most of the indigenous population has been wiped out. The Harpies are put through their paces and the trap set for the Riders who arrive in style - discovering the extent of the destruction on Vorin's home world and with Cable in tow.

Vorin establishes that the wormhole to Arena World is also a time corridor spanning six hundred years backtime - explaining why he arrived on Earth six hundred years ago, already the victim of MyS-TECH sponsored genocide on his planet at the hands of trainee Warheads. His own TRANSIT technology did not traverse time and he just arrived on Earth and did not find MyS-TECH even in existence! In addition, his own navigation systems crashed during an unexplained incident on his way to Earth and he could not just return directly home - he was trapped here.

Essentially immortal himself, Vorin began his long struggle against the MyS-TECH board members, testing them and exploring their powers in preparation for a day when he could act against them without creating a horrendous time paradox that would result in his own non-existence.

The Harpies attack the Riders and Cable at Porlock's direction, surrounded by an honour guard of Warheads, including Che. Weakened by the battle, Vorin demoralised by the realisation that his own people seem to be dead, Porlock plays his trump card. As Roadie urges Ryan to attack Porlock the MyS-TECH Board member utters a single code word, Abadon, and Ryan is instantly in his thrall - as he has been all along. Ryan turns on the Riders and blasts them into unconsciousness...

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An image for Abadon (Marvel) exists Abadon (Marvel)
An image for Boot exists Boot
An image for Cable (Marvel) exists Cable (Marvel)
An image for Che exists Che
An image for Goodfellow (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Goodfellow (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
Grunt (Marvel)(01 - Arnold Coltrane)
An image for Eadmund Porlock exists Eadmund Porlock
  Professor (Marvel)(03 - X-Factor's ship)
Brendan Rathcoole
An image for Roadie (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Roadie (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
An image for Stranger (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Stranger (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
An image for Gudrun Tyburn exists Gudrun Tyburn
An image for Vorin exists Vorin

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